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  1. I need help trying to figure out what’s going on with my right rear tail light. I have a 2014 gmc sle I upgraded to the 16-18 denali led tails. So I had to buy a harness to help it not hyperflash from gen5diy. So my right rear signal doesn’t work and when I press the breaks. I assumed it was the aftermarket harness with the resistors so I bought new resistors from gen5 installed them and still the same problem. I found the schematics and found out with wire was for that right tail light. Also found the fuse. When I was testing the fuse with a Circuit tester pen that fuse is flashing fast like when is hyper flashing so I track that wire and when I go to test out that wire the circuit pen doesn’t light up so there is no power in that wire check the wire from front to back everything seems good so I need help because I don’t know what else to do. And now out of no where my headlight drl is not working on my left side either and both of my actual headlights don’t turn on “low beams” my headlights are the 16-18 denali. And also now my left rear tail light is not turning on but when I turn on the signal the left rear it work! please I need help, I’m going crazy here. I feel like I’m missing something simple
  2. Has anybody here hardwire some oem tow mirrors before? I have a 2014 gmc sle with no options on the mirrors. I purchased some oem tow mirrors. They are not power fold but have the other option on the tow mirrors. Just wanted to see if anybody has wire there tow mirrors before. I have talked to Phil Gamboa about his custom harness but they are a lil pricey. So wanting to see if I can hardwire to save me some money. I did wire the tow mirrors to see what options worked. The turn signal worked and when I wanted to adjust the mirror they would only go side to side . It would not go up and down. The running lights didn’t work either. If no one has done it before I guess I would just have to buy Phil’s harness. I did buy the mirrors used and they came with the harness that the other guy had.
  3. Go to Gen5diy.com to check on your harness. Or talk to this guy name Phil Gamboa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Selling a pair of headlights. They will fit GMC SLE,SLT, 2500/3500HD. All you need is the harness depending on the trim you have. Asking 1800$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just found out my AC condenser is leaking. What’s a good condenser you guys going with? So I won’t have this problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a Brand New set of Denali Headlights. They fit 2014-2018 SLE, SLT, Denali and HD 2500/3500. All you need is a harness depending on your year of your truck. Asking 1800$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Has anybody in here done a 16-18 conversion Denali headlight to a 14-15 GMC. I have some questions for the people that have or if anybody can help me. I would gladly appreciate it. So my question is how can I have the C LED strip on with the fog lights on without having the headlight on. Like on the picture with the white truck has it. I purchase the harness from Gen5diy. And I need help. I talked to the guy to help me out but he don’t want too. Once I try to turn on my fog lights it automatically turn on the whole headlight and I don’t want it to do that. I just want the C LED strip on with just the fog lights “parking lights”. The lil knob that controls the headlights doesn’t work anymore when I installed the harness that Gen5diy sent me. Those 2 lil arrows pointing on the knob those are the ones that don’t work. It just turns on my whole headlight when pushing on my fog lights to turn on. Mine is he red truck as shown on the pictures you see the headlights and fogs on. I hope I’m making a lot of sense here and hope that someone can help me.
  9. I found one headlight for 500$ so I know I can find the other for 500$ In a good condition . I know about the harness.
  10. Yea I know but I’m trying to get them used like maybe only pay 1000$
  11. I’m looking for ‘16 or ‘17 Denali Headlights . Anybody got any for sale ?
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