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  1. Freshly baptised GM-Truck driver

    Here are the promised photos: This is the side view ( I really hate those ugly 16" wheels). Only thing to mention is, that i rerouted the exhaust to the back, I am no fan of side exhausts. This is the front view, I made the bowtie flat black and added Foglights. Here you can see the Escalade cluster (swapped in for the 120 mph speedo and the trans temp gauge) and the high mid and low speakers. Behind the seats are two 12" Woofers (the other one is behind the driver seat) and two Hifonics Aamps with 1200Watts RMS combined) The upper one is a Thor 4004 DSP driving the tweeters and midrange, the lower is an Atlas driving the midwoofer and woofer. And last but not least, the bed. I installed aluminum lashing rails and waterproof antislip plywood (in germany called Siebdruckplatte). The Box is bolted to the rails and can be taken off or repositioned easily.
  2. No success, damn. thanks for the effort
  3. I also think it is around that ballpark, but I need a written confirmation from GM.
  4. Freshly baptised GM-Truck driver

    Hi, sorry for the late answer... I will post pictures in 1 or two days, I am atm not at home. It is hard to say why I like the aestetics of a reg cab / long bed more, I think it has to do with the balance between the bed area and the cab/hood area, on all other pickups the bed is shorter that the rest of the car, and with this combo it is about the same. And I also bought a Pickup to use the bed, so why not get the biggest one available. The bed is for example long enough, that a digger with a 1m³ shovel (about 35ft³) can simply dump it onto the bed without spilling some to the side I am not planning to take the truck dragracing or 4-wheeling / Overlanding. It is mainly to carry me around and regularily some stuff on the bed. I do inted to swap the engine for an LS2 or similar (definitely aluminum block) and fab some aluminum bumpers and maybe an Air-Suspension to shed weight. The LPG system and Stereo added some weight, and I want to have a curb weight of less than 4400lbs (almost 4800lbs atm). The truck drives well on the Autobahn, atm I have set the limiter to about 115mph (due to tire speed limit) and the truck can cruise with no problem at 100 mph for longer periods without problems.
  5. Hi, I need your help. For the german TUV I need written infromation about the load maximum of the 18x8,5" 5-double spoke wheels of the 2Kxx series of trucks. GM Part number should be #20937769 I called GM, but they can not help me because 1. I live in germany 2. I do not hava a VIN suited to these wheels, because I want to mount them to my GMT800 Truck So can anyone here, who has a fitting vehicle and who lives in the US, contact GM to either get the official load max for these wheels, or a letter, that they can be used on a GMT800 Silverado 1500? This would be awsome. I know that the 2Kxx Trucks have a higher gros axle weight than the GMT800 and therefor it should be a no brainer, but the TUV is often a pita for gearheads...
  6. I own a USP Expert in 9mm with .45 excange system. The gun is excellent, but off course not for carrying. In germany carrying the gun is generally forbidden, so I bought it for target shooting and some practical shooting. I have handled different Pistols from the USP lineup and the grips are generally all quite large and the trigger guards are also large. But they are all really high quality, durable handguns wih good ergonomics. Aslong as you have no problem with a relatively high bore axis
  7. Hi there, I am Sascha from Germany (Menzingen, a tiny town near Heidelberg, to be precise), and I recently bought a 2000 Silverado 1500 regular cab with Long bed. I am a trained car mechanic and normally specialize in American Muscle Cars and More hardcore swaps (a 500HP LS3 with C4 Corvette Drivetrain and Suspension into a MK1 Ford Granada for Example). After I moved to the countryside with mit girlfriend to restore the old House we bought I thought it would be a good idea to get myself a Pickup. Totally digging the proprtions of a short cab with Long bed, the possibilities here in Germay to get one were bad, because 90% of all Pickups here are ext. or Crew cabs, or if the are reg.cab, they have the short bed. Then I found one (yes the only one I could get hold of at all), it was is quite good shape, but had the 4.8 V8 (I prefered the 5.3), a shot 4L60E and only RWD. I rebuild the tranny and think I actually like the RWD more now, the truck handles really well (had only experiences with 50s to 70s Trucks before) and the 4.8 is decent enough for now. I will swap the 3.48 rearend for a 4.10 soon and put a torsen diff in it when I am at it, but otherwise the 4.8 is better than I thought. Oh, and I have put a proper Stereo into it, dual-DIN Radio (was a bit of hacking) and a 1200 Watt RMS 7-Channel fully active DSP-controlled System with two 12" Woofers in sealed enclosures. And I am atm modifying the bed to be more versatile to use. In gereral I am aiming for the most practical all around vehicle poosible, as Long as you dont Need to seat more that 3 Peoples If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. cheers Sascha

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