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  1. I’ve owned all three of the big 3 as of recent. I like this truck (15 tx edition 4x4). Does what it needs to and looks good imho. I had the vibration at 78 just like everyone else. New tires solved that (factory ones were done at 35k). My only real complaint is the vacuum pump issues and loss of brakes. Seems there are a ton of those failures and it’s a serious issue when they do fail (no brakes yay). Mine failed under warranty at 32k. Others weren’t so lucky and were stuck with a large repair bill since gm only had a tsb not a recall on it. That said all three (four with Toyota really) have their own issues. My advice is buy a truck with the styling, options, and price you want and enjoy it. Most all you’ll find on the interweb are the bad experiences and not the millions of good ones.
  2. I’m in Denver and zero issues. My truck does have factory mud flaps so that helps I’m sure.
  3. My amp steps on my truck at stock height (z60 suspension so it sits lower even in 4x4 trim) go down a bit too low to the ground for my taste. I have a short step up onto them and what feels like too much of a step from them into my truck. I’m not huge but not a midget at 5 10. My wife still slides off the seat to get to them. (She’s more of a midget at 5 1). The xl steps will make it easier to get off the ground but still a decent jump into the truck unless your a giant. Lol.
  4. I had 4 falken wildpeak at3’s installed today. Also have some diodes to do some lighting mods etc this weekend.
  5. Just had a set of the wildpeak at3 installed today. So far they feel a lot better than the stock good years. They are beefier than expected too.
  6. Some shake. Some don’t. Take it on a long drive and see how it does. Hold speeds above 75 in different increments to see. If its it’s what you want and doesn’t shake go for it.
  7. I have one of those amazon 10inch boxes. Fits nice and sub hits just fine in it.
  8. Changed my oil today and fixed my cold air tube the dealer didn’t properly reinstall (had warranty work on vac pump/brakes done about a month ago). The tube was loose and throttle body clamps were barely hanging on. Good quality job there.
  9. I have the Gibson as well. Cleans up pretty nicely.
  10. They need to replace the vac pump. Booster. Lines and master cylinder. The vac pump goes Bad and pumps engine oil through them booster.
  11. Got the truck back last week after $6500 in pdr work. Gave it a good chemical guys wash and carnuba wax today.
  12. Fuse box on left side of dash(open door). It’s a square fuse not the normal blade ones. Can get off of amazon.
  13. Yes I assume it’s bumper to bumper. Which ends next feb for me so at least it happened now. No way they classify this as a power train item.
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