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  1. So this morning, I was driving in my 2017 Silverado with only 3000 miles on it and noticed several strange popping noise. Didn’t think too much of it but I saw my windshield cracking from the upper passenger side and then turns left towards the middle of my windshield. Has anyone had this issue and how would I go about it? Nothing hit my windshield
  2. Who's got Fender Flares ?

    Yeah south Texas here but the point of flares is to protect paint. Not cut right through it lol. Guess the only solution is clear film where the fender and body meets. Thing is, what film?
  3. Who's got Fender Flares ?

    Ahh gotcha. I’m more afraid of it eventually rusting. I emailed EGR and they said theirs won’t rub unlike bushwacker. Not sure how true that is
  4. Jeez. $350... why couldn’t GM just stick with the ole normal bulbs so it’ll be an easier upgrade path lol
  5. Hmm, any replacements come in mind?
  6. Who's got Fender Flares ?

    Fenders would rub sand and whatever against the truck. Pretty much like a sand paper effect. Google fender flares rubbing and you’ll see some people have issues with it. Just wondering if there’s an easy quick fix to avoid that
  7. Who's got Fender Flares ?

    I too am interested in fender flares. I was going to purchase EGR painted Bolt on look fender flares but afraid of the whole rubbing issue. Any easy fixes to that?
  8. eBay tonneau hard tri fold cover

    Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Hey all. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LT and looking to get an HID kit for low beam. Does anyone know what bulb size I need? I think stock bulbs are a d5S or h11?? Not too sure which one. Any issues with a 55w kit on heat issues? Would I need capacitors/error code eliminators/CANbus? With over 190 pages, it’s hard to dig it all up.
  10. eBay tonneau hard tri fold cover

    Not too crazy about that one but it seems like the wise thing to do is save some extra coin and avoid Taco Bell for a bit 😂
  11. eBay tonneau hard tri fold cover

    Yeah it seemed fishy to me but I just wanted some input. Anyone have recommendations for a budget hard tri fold?
  12. eBay tonneau hard tri fold cover

    I’m just mainly looking for a hard cover. Either this seller or another seller (they had the same pictures) messaged me saying it was the same product as this one https://www.realtruck.com/rugged-premium-hard-fold-tonneau-cover/ Now I’m not sure if they are BSing or not
  13. Hey all. New to this forum and was wondering if anyone has tried or has any input on this cover? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hard-Solid-Lock-Tri-Fold-Tonneau-Cover-2014-2017-Silverado-1500-5-8Ft-69-6in-Bed/162547682370?hash=item25d898cc42:g:xjEAAOSwWxNY1Nok&vxp=mtr

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