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  1. I replaced all ball joints on my 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 days ago. I ensured they were greased, and they all went in fairly easy. However, I have noticed the steering is noticeably tighter going down the road after this was done to the truck. I would describe the steering as stiff and much less responsive due to this tight feel, and because it is so tight it will not naturally rotate back to center after a turn. It tries to but the steering is just too tight. I figured I probably tightened the upper control arm before I tightened the lower but I went back and reassessed that. It did help a bit bu
  2. I have a 1982 C10 Scottsdale with the 4.1 .250 inline 6. After I discovered the ignition control module and the plug wires were bad, I finally got it going again. I also replaced the coil on its HEI system. without vacuum for advance it is at 4 degrees before vacuum is applied. It runs decent and idles pretty good but on acceleration to low speed, I'd say 10-20 MPH I feel a small miss from time to time. It's not severe but I want an idea of where that may be coming from. After fixing things and setting the timing, I have gotten it up to 70 mph nearly and I couldn't feel any miss at a higher s
  3. The light that lights up once you’re locked in 4WD
  4. I’m talking about the 4WD indicator lamp. The plug isn’t my concern it’s the piece that goes into it that I cannot find
  5. I have a 1994 GMC Sierra Z71. When I got it I noticed the 4x4 was not working. I’m aware this could be the actuator failing. I also notice the indicator lamp does not light up. There’s a fried plug close to the actuator itself. This plug is in the same harness as the actuator plug. Is that what illuminates the indicator lamp? I’m not sure what it is or where it goes. I just know it’s old and frail. Here’s a picture anyone recognize the old white plug? It’s in the actuator plugs whole harness
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