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  1. Power steering going out

    The power steering just went out again going down the interstate and I didn't even hit a pothole. And this time it's not coming back like it has been. Could it be something else besides the motor
  2. Power steering going out

    No codes at this time when dealership check that's what they said was wrong that why I replaced the motor they said it was the problem
  3. Power steering going out

    It's a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 with electric power steering motor. The first time the power steering went out and stayed out for 2 weeks the this time it went out and stayed out untill I stopped for about an hour then it was back
  4. What would cause power steering to go out after hitting pot hole. Took to dealership they said the motor was bad so replaced it but it still doing it. And every time I turn wheel theres a clicking noise
  5. Roaring sound

    I have a 2014 chevy silveraldo 1500 and when I push the gas it sounds like when you put a card in the spokes of a bicycle. Could it be the axle going bad? I just replaced the wheel hub in oct. Also I feel like a grinding feeling in the pedal
  6. Code p2160

    Its a 2014 silverado. And I was in just 4x4 when it happen. Now code is gone but have hard time shifting gears it goes too 5000rpms sometimes before shifting and going in reverse
  7. Code p2160

    I was trying to back a trailer up hill in 4x4 when it acted like it didn't. Want to move. Know I have a pending code of p2160 and in auto 4. Wheel drive it doesn't want to back up. How would I fix this?
  8. Gps

    Thank you alit I have been trying to get this fixed for 2 n half years. I bought on from eBay for 19.95 and put it in and it works now thanks. But would you know how to get the gps updated. My address doesn't show in the version on my truck?
  9. Gps

    My GPS has a red line thru it on my navigation system in my 2014 chevy silverado. How would I rest the satellite for it.
  10. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    I rechecked everything again And blew out all the lines again. And so far the code has not come back. Thanks for all the help
  11. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    I checked the charcoal canister out again and blow it out also the hoses that connect to it. When I did I found a hose coming from gas tank running to the front of truck. And it was leaking gas at the connection from rubber hose to metal line. I took apart and put back together it seems like it quit leaking for now. Could that have been causing any of the problems?
  12. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    Is the pressure sensor on top of gas tank?
  13. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    Is the pressure sensor on top of gas tank?
  14. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    Which canister would have the charcoal. If can show pic
  15. Fixing problem with filling up gas tank

    Have p0446 I also replaced the hose from new canister there's what I replaced

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