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  1. I have roadside assistance through Geico, but still... I managed to fit the lug nut wrench pouch behind the sub box, and I put the jack in a small Rotcho mechanics bag and stuck it in the center armrest. Works for me. System is rockin’. Thanks all.
  2. To quote myself, the torx bolts are T50. What are you guys doing with the tire jack? Doesn’t fit with my Sub Thump box.
  3. Nevermind. GM gave us two perfect blank grommets, one on each side of the truck on the firewall.
  4. I took a quick look under the hood today to find a place to get the power wire through. It looks harder than the previous generation. Where are you guys getting the wire through? Any empty grommets in the firewall that I’m not seeing? Thanks.
  5. Hey thanks for the info. My JL HD 1200 has high-level inputs. I used a LC2i in my last Sierra, but I’m thinking of skipping it this time to keep it simpler. You mentioned you had to correct the factory sound. So should I stick with the LC2i? Thanks again.
  6. Also, it sounds like it’s not possible to mount an amp on the rear cab wall anymore? Is under the front seats the only option now? Thanks.
  7. Hey. Where are you guys getting a remote turn on signal from? AT4 with Bose Thanks.
  8. Anyone have the dual 10” vented Fox Acoustics box in a 2014+ Double Cab? Looking for some feedback. Thanks. http://www.foxacoustics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=GM-XC-210-V-07
  9. Did you screw these right to the rear of the cab?
  10. Hey. Where did you find 2awg wire? It’s not very common. Of course JL sells a 50-foot roll for $300. I still don’t don’t get why the HD1200 needs 2awg wire. They recommend a 100-amp fuse. 4awg is good to 150-amps.
  11. This is definitely a clean install, but I like spending time tuning my settings, and I need the rear seat in all the time. Looks like I may have no choice though.
  12. Sup guys. I’m new to the forum. I’m getting ready to install some bass in my truck, and could use some advice. I have a Net Audio sealed box for under the rear bench. It was built for two JL 13Tw5-v2 subs. I also have a JL HD1200 to power them. My truck has Bose with the sub in the front console. The HD1200 is a pretty small amp. Usually I would put it under one of the front seats, but there’s very little room under there. Where are you guys mounting your amplifiers? I’m thinking I may be able to mount it to the box, but I want to be able to take the box out easily if needed. Also, it doesn’t look too easy to pass the power wire through the firewall either. I see the stock grommet on the drivers side, but is there another location on the passenger side? Thanks.
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