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  1. Did this a few years back during the winter. I noticed the mpg went down. If I remember correctly it was down about 1 to 1.5 mpg.
  2. Does anyone know if the H3 Hummer rubber motor mount 25847739 will replace the OEM fluid filled mount for my 09 Yukon?
  3. I think I'll wait for a few more lights to go out before I replace the whole unit. Looks pretty straight forward. Thanks You
  4. I'm having the same issue with my 2018 1500 Silverado. The rear defrost button was blinking on and off now it wont light up anymore. Now the upper and lower vent switch ( the one that you have on in your pic ) light is blinking on and off. I assume its just a matter of time before that light goes out also. Mechanically everything works. Just the button lights are starting to go out.
  5. 2018, LTZ, 6.2l, max tow, stock tires and wheels = 23.4 mpg for the first 600 miles of its life driving home from the dealer.
  6. Sorry it has taken so long. Couldn't find the sticker and had given up. I accidentally stumbled across it today. Hard to find when the truck is silver and the sticker is silver. They had to put it low by the rocker panel between the doors so I couldn't easily find it. Build date is 10/17.
  7. I've tried using the 7th and 9th number of the VIN code and I have 8 for the 9th number. Found it this forum on how to find the build date. See below. I purchased Nov 30th, 2017. The dealer was waiting for it to come in before I could actually purchase. Is there another way to find the build date? Member 1 5 posts Name:R.Scott E. Location:Houston, Texas Gender:Male Drives:2014 Sierra SLE CCSB Report post Posted June 24, 2014 Manufacturer: Chevrolet VIN Characters: 17 (beginning with MA6...) Decode: 7th character represents the MONTH of Manufacture 9th character represents the YEAR of Manufacture Month Codes: A = JAN B = FEB C = MAR D = APR E = MAY F = JUN G = JUL H = AUG J = SEP K = OCT L = NOV M = DEC Year Codes: A = 2010 B = 2011 C = 2012 D = 2013 E = 2014 F = 2015 G = 2016 H = 2017 J = 2018 K = 2019
  8. Well, I have had the truck now for almost a week and everything appears to be in order. I have put 300 miles on it with no more fluid leaking. The head and head gasket replacement was the ticket.
  9. The dealer called today and informed me that they received a complete cylinder head and hope to have the job finished sometime late on Friday. I feel confident that this should fix the problem. I have 5.3 in my 09 Yukon ( never had any problems )with 106K on it and it's still running strong. I expect the same out of this 6.2.
  10. I'm just going to let the dealer do their job. I don't believe it's a cause for a new engine either. I asked the dealer why it needed a new head. Dealer said we are just doing what GM has told us to do. There may have been an issue with the particular head that made it leak by the head bolt- porous casting as suggested by Paintor. I asked is the new head complete or bare? Dealer said, I haven't seen a 2018 head yet. We will have to wait for it to come in. That's a bunch or dealer BS. I expressed that I really dont agree with valves going from the old head to the new as they would have to do some sort of grinding on the vales to make sure everything is seated correctly. They possibly might do a lapp job to seat them. I obviously would rather have everything new. Doesn't matter at this point. I will just have to wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for the replies. I will keep you posted on the results.
  11. Thursday 2/8/18 - Well, my gut feeling was correct. At about 800 miles I was under my new truck looking at the wonderful transmission with no dipstick. I was just checking everything out and noticed a few red liquid dots below the cylinder head. I couldnt find where they might be from. I wiped them off and decided to keep an eye on the possible issue. Well, it has rained a few times and the kids have soccer and basketball. Fast forward to 1400 miles. Found a small puddle on the garage floor. Took it to the dealer today. They said it was possibly the head gasket or head. Couldn't freakin believe it. Just my luck. I went back to the dealer this afternoon to get a few things I forgot to take out. I didnt know my new truck was going on an extended leave from my garage. Was happily surprised to see the mechanic was someone I grew up with and I know he will take good care of me. They let me look under the hood and they already had the head off. They think it might be from one of the head bolts. That's the last thing you want to see. Your still new smelling truck with the engine torn apart so early in its life. Monday afternoon 3 pm 2/12/18. Now I'm told they are waiting for a whole new head supposed to be in Thursday. Going on vacation starting Friday if it's ready. Anyone else had these kinds of issues? I have a different business telling me I should insist on a new engine. Not sure what to do at this point.
  12. Good Luck. I just took my 18 6.2l in with 1500 miles leaking coolant drivers side rear of the motor by oil filter. Dealer called back and they think its the head or head gasket. They wont know until they tear it apart. I went in to get glasses out of the truck since it was going to be an extended stay at the dealer. Head was off and they think its the head bolt but they aren't sure. It was very unsettling seeing the engine already torn apart on a new truck. It makes me wonder how long I will actually keep this truck. I know this isnt the same as yours but I understand.
  13. Thanks for all the input. I might start with a 10" under the rear seat. I can purchase a box ( Beat Box - Amazon ) that fits the airspace requirements and will fit under the rear seat. Possibly consider making a box as you did for under the console for a 2nd sub. Makes sense to Dynamat the console to keep things from rattling as you stated. Thanks
  14. Anyone added a JL Audio Stealthbox to their 2014 or newer 1500? Kinda pricey. Looking for some bass for the factory Bose system. I am thinking one JL 10TW1 in a sealed box under the seat would be good enough. They also make a 10" that replaces the factory Bose sub under the console. I dont get a warm fuzzy about that setup. Will probably upgrade the highs later. My 09 Yukon I ran a 600 watt Kenwood to a 12" Kicker sub in a ported box. Really like the bass from that but it will probably be hard to replicate with the limited space in the truck. What size sub or subs do you run?
  15. I had the same decision to make. Opted for the gas 6.2l max towing. You have to weigh out your options and how often will it be used for towing. Yes the diesel would be awsome for towing. Being a family man I couldnt swallow the pill of another 7k for the diesel over the 6.2l. Decisions, Decisions
  16. 2013 Tahoe 5.3 3:08 2wd = 5500lbs towing cap - w 3:42 = 8500lb towing cap 2013 Tahoe 5.3 3:08 4wd = 5200lbs towing cap - w 3:42 = 8200lb towing cap You were pull a lot of weight for the way your Tahoe is set up.
  17. 2015 CC 4x4 with 5.3 & 3:42 = 9200lbs towing capacity 2016 DC 4x4 with 5.3 & 3:73 = 11000lbs towing capacity These are from Trailer Life Towing Guide available to view online. Both will work for your application. I would just add an extra trans cooler. I used this guide to make my decision on my new truck - 2018 1500 CC 4x4 6.2 & 3:42 gears. I also towed a 7800lb trailer with 09 Yukon 5.3 with 3:73 gears - rated to tow 8700lbs - needed the extra trans cooler for the hill climbs on hot summer days. http://webcontent.goodsam.com/trailerlife.com/digital_editions/TrailerLifeTowGuide2015.pdf Decisions, decisions, decisions
  18. What leveling kit is everyone using to level their trucks with factory 20" tires and wheels? I used a Motofab 2.5" and now the front is too high. I assume the 2" is the way to go. I will probably use Motofab again only this time under the strut instead of on top. I don't want to cut down my factory strut bolts to make a 2" work. Unfortunately will have to get another front end alignment.
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