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  1. So you know more than the engineers who designed the motors and specified the fuel? Instead of asking anyone to prove why you are wrong YOU should prove that you are right instead of those engineers. Don't give me some BS that at some point you or someone else posted a video. Post it now and be sure to give accurate information regarding how the motor had been run.
  2. I don't need to prove you wrong. Instead I am going to follow GM's guidance which is that 87 octane is acceptable if you are willing to give up some performance. When the spread is reasonable I will use 93 and when it is not I will use 87 or 91. As for the idea that I should have chosen the 5.3L that wasn't an option for the truck that I wanted. Additionally, that was before Brandon was elected and declared war on the oil and gas industry.
  3. This is exactly what the manual says: Recommended Fuel (6.2L V8 Engine) Premium unleaded gasoline meeting ASTM specification D4814 with a posted octane rating of 93 — (R+M)/2 — is highly recommended for best performance and fuel economy. Unleaded gasoline with an octane rated as low as 87 can be used. Using unleaded gasoline rated below 93 octane, however, will lead to reduced acceleration and fuel economy. If knocking occurs, use a gasoline rated at 93 octane as soon as possible, otherwise, the engine could be damaged. If heavy knocking is heard when using gasoline with a 93 octane rating, the engine needs service. Nothing is said about a warranty claim being denied by using 87 octane. Obviously performance will not be as good as using 93 octane but if you are not putting a heavy load on the engine and there isn't any knocking I don't see what the problem is. BTW - my C7 says the same thing about the 6.2L in it. I does say to use at least 91 octane in the supercharged version.
  4. There have been threads on here before regarding the use of regular vs premium gas in the 6.2L. I used to always use premium in my 2020 Denali. Recently the spread between them has reached $0.80 in my area so it isn't just a couple dollars more on a fill up now. I started using regular and really don't notice a big difference in performance. I haven't tried to figure out the difference in mileage yet. Has anyone done that?
  5. That is not good news. When I bought the truck I was also considering the RAM. I had listed pros and cons of both and the trailering app on the GMC was a factor. If that isn't going to work I may start wishing I had gone with the other brand. How do you reset the Infotainment System?
  6. This thread was started a while back. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/244615-2020-silverado-z71-rst-screen-black-out-on-selecting-trailering-app/. I didn't want to respond to it because I wanted owners of other vehicles to respond. After working fine for 2 years my 2020 Sierra is having the same problem. There are times when the app won't load and just has a black screen. It started a couple of months ago and is happening more often, but not every time. It doesn't matter which trailer I hook up and it happens even with no trailer (in that scenario it is supposed to load and say there is no trailer connected.) Even though the app doesn't load I still have lights on the trailers. Messing with the plugs doesn't help. Once it in black screen mode it doesn't load until the truck is shut off and restarted. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. On a trip last week I tried restarting repeatedly and finally gave up. I towed the boat to the ramp about an hour and a half away without it working. After fishing for about 8 hours I got in the truck to leave and it loaded right up. I hadn't touched a thing. Has anyone been able to figure out what is going on? I had the truck at the dealer on Saturday for the state inspection and mentioned it to them. Unfortunately they are working with a skeleton crew on the weekend and don't do diagnostic work. They did tell me that they had never encountered the problem before. That could be an issue because it doesn't act up every time. I don't want to drive there and have it come right on so they don't see the problem.
  7. I tow two different boat trailers and I installed the TMPS sensors in the tires on both. The app works for both (except for the accuracy of mileage) giving me tire pressure and temperature. When towing one of them I had a blowout and lost the sensor. I have a new pair on order but I have a question about installing the new one. Will I be able to just go in and add the new sensor, or will I need to delete that trailer and start over?
  8. I have been meaning to experiment with this but haven't gotten around to it. Let us know how it works.
  9. It is my understanding that the honk will work without Onstar but in order to receive a notification on your phone you do need Onstar.
  10. I took another trip today. Hoping that the issue would disappear now that Onstar was no longer active I reset a trip log on the truck and the trailer mileage in the app to zero. I watched closely and they were in sync as I started the trip. After a while I got into some traffic and I needed to pay attention to driving. When I was out of that I checked the mileage and found that the trailer mileage was 20 miles less than the truck. I don’t know if it had just stopped tracking for a while or if it had pealed off 20 miles. I paid attention for the rest of the trip and it was tracking. When I got to the ramp it was still off by that same 20 miles. I then parked and turned the truck off while I got ready to launch the boat. When I started the truck I checked the mileage on the app. It had changed and showed 4 miles more than the truck. When I was driving home that 4 mile difference stayed the same for the whole trip, meaning it worked correctly. Since I only intended to use this for tracking maintenance needs I will just live with it. I will mention it to the dealer when I take the truck in for service but I doubt they will figure anything out.
  11. Well I don't know what is going on. I took another trip with the starting mileage at 49. This time the destination was 64 miles away. That means that when I got there the mileage should have been 113. The app said the mileage was 119. While that was off it wasn't the worst. When I got in the truck to go home the mileage had changed to 161. As I traveled the mileage ticked up and was at 210 when I got home. It should have said 177 (or 183 if you add 64 to 119.) Any theories? Nothing adds up on this trip.
  12. 2020 Denali 1500 with Ultimate Package. I had hooked up my trailer when I first got the TPMS sensors installed to ensure everything was working. I took it around the neighborhood and put 2 miles on it. Yesterday I did my first tow to a boat ramp that I have used many times. I know the mileage to that ramp is 23 miles each way, or 46 miles roundtrip. When I started the trip I was watching the app and everything was working fine. When I got to the destination I stopped paying attention to the app and focused on the task at hand. When I got back in the truck to head home I was shocked to see the miles on the trailer displayed as 48 miles. I left it on that screen and noticed that the mileage moved up and down during the drive and settled at 48 miles which would be correct for the trip I took plus the first two test miles. It is as if the app was estimating the roundtrip. Is this possible? While I have that ramp loaded in the navigation system as a favorite and home as a favorite I did not have it turned on for this trip. I'll pay even more attention to it on the next trip but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar?
  13. At first I didn't want to use those holes so I didn't have an obstruction on the floor, but after thinking about it if that is ever a problem I can just remove them temporarily. Is there a reason you went to the trouble of reducing the tube to fit in the existing holes instead of drilling them out to accept the 1/2" tube?
  14. I was hoping to get an accurate reading before pulling out of the garage in case the tires need to be topped off. That means I'll still need to check them with the gauge. I think what I will do is lower the pressure in one tire by about 5 lbs and go for a drive to see how long it actually takes to update.
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