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  1. You didn’t realize you were moving but the picture wasn’t changing? operator error. I get the operator error thing, but I did state that I got out several times to check how close it was, it was close maybe 6" or so, with that being said while I'm looking at the camera "which is suppose to be there for helping you see" It only took seconds for that to happen. It wasn't as though I was just backing up blindly, I was moving what I though to be very slowly. Within a couple of seconds It hit. Those cameras aren't that clear, but if I am depending on it for the final couple of inches I expected it to work not freeze up. I never knew that could happen. I was venting, I don't expect GM to do a thing but I have every right to expect the thing to operate as it should. Maybe I should have said nothing and let some of the other people on here find out the hard way like I did. It is 850.00 to my door. The box needs to be lifted, I will call for a price and let you know. If it goes on insurance it get a car fax..Not going down that road for that amount.
  2. I am boiling, my 2017 GMC with 10,000 miles on it, bought it new in November of 18' has a nice dent in the rear bumper which is painted black as part of the package. I am very meticulous with this thing, so I'm backing up to hook up my Sea Doo trailer and I'm carefully watching as my backup camera is closing in on the trailer. This after getting out several times to make sure I don't scratch my truck, as I'm backing up the trailer is at a point that I'm waiting for the ball to almost go under the trailer when I feel a bang. I look at the camera and it shows the ball isn't even under the trailer, WHAT? I get out and the trailer has hit the bumper and dented it and scratched it. The backup camera picture didn't change, it had locked up on the screen. I am furious as now what?.. a CAR FAX that says my truck had rear bumper damage? I already had a scratched fixed on my 2010 Camaro SS and for $600.00 ended up with a car fax and the dealers were beating me up on trade in. Now I'm expected to cough up 1600.00 for a new back bumper. What gives GM. I'm torqued!
  3. Its just annoying that we have to be on top of this the way we do. I live in upstate NY so I don't have a chance. I don't mind washing and all, but here I thought I was doing the right thing, only to find I didn't.
  4. I think you are right, I don't know why I didn't think it wouldn't hurt it. I've had several people "with GM products" using it and they claim the frame looks like new. Well I guess I won't be one of them. Calcium and magnesium chloride they are using on the roads now isn't going to help any either.
  5. LOL,I had a 2004 Silverado that I had to ditch because it was going to rust out from under me. Deciding I'm going to do it right this time, I have mine fluid filmed by local body shop, Mistake, I bought a 2017 GMC,,November 29th, 2017 had it done the first week. It now has 1100 miles on it and I was washing it this morning only to find that I have a bare spot right down to the frame. I'm sick as I encouraged my son to have his sprayed too.
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