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  1. My buddy who was a service dept head for a number of years told me if you pick up the blade off the wnidshield and flip it to the opposite side it was laying on it will stop the chattering
  2. I had a 16 Colorado. Worse radio reception in a vehicle ever. I now have a 17 silverado 7"screen with antenna . Best radio reception in a vehicle i've ever owned.
  3. After my 16 Silverado i gave back under the lemon law after 3 bad rear ends, I had a aftermarket stereo installed in my 16 Colorado i ordered in its place. When i reached 25 k or so i started to have electrical problems. After 2 BCMs and a few weeks they started to blame the stereo. They gave me a bunch of nonsense why it wasn't communicating with the BCM , a wire might have the wrong ohms...etc, etc...lol I know enough about electronics to know the head service guy was BSing me. They told me they would be "nice" and even though it was probably the stereo and i had altered the truck and broke the warranty they would fix it under warranty anyway. A few days later it was fixed after them having it for two weeks. So i come down and they tell me the second BCM fixed it and you owe us one this time etc. Lucky for me the nice service lady who likes me there said tell him what you fixed. They weren't going to mention that it was a shorted fuse block that was the problem the whole time. Had nothing to do with the stereo... So i asked if it was the fuse block all along and acting all red faced they didn't answer. The story is a lot longer with them but you get the idea. I have a new service department now after today's experience with this new dealer. They actually got something right..lol So, i really wanted to have GM install this so there would be no question and it would be under warranty. Even though i spent a little more than i wanted, at least i feel i'm covered now. I was advised by the first dealer to go to a stereo shop to get it done with non GM parts...lol I'm also having this new dealer put a level kit on it Thursday. Its going to cost me 310.00 vs 225.00 at the speed shop. I asked and as its GM parts from them (70.00 extra over the speed shop part), any problems will be under warranty also. After all the hassle with my last two trucks, its worth it for me to kick in a few extra bucks for peace of mind. I also have a 110k extended warranty transferred over from my last truck.
  4. They have been using this kit since 2014 and tech support is still in the dark about what it works on even though they sell it. Embarrassing if you ask me.
  5. Mine is a 17 1500 wt. I didn't have any of the codes except Au3 . The kit basically comes with a wired hood latch. Everything else comes already on your truck for the remote start. During installation the tech line told them because i didn't have the AQQ RPO code it couldn't be installed in the BCM even though the parts book sold it for my truck. After a few calls they got it done. Undisclosed before hand, GM support charged me 50.00 for the programming code for the BCM. It should have been included with the kit. The dealer was very nice and worked it out with me anyway and i still came in a few bucks under the quoted price. A 1 hour job turned into a 3 hour job through GM not knowing what the heck its doing. Keep in mind your parts guy at the dealer is your best friend in these situations.
  6. Did the remote start kit today from the dealer, 461.00 installed and everything works, even the alarm. Well worth it as it was going to be almost 300 for the stereo guy just for non oem fobs. They had a fit with updating the bcm but finally gotit done. The parts guy was a huge help in all this. Next up level it, then rear camera...lol Thanks for your help.
  7. Called a local dealer today. The only way i could get key fobs was to get the whole remote start/ hood kit. 275.00 + 1-1/2 hrs labor 180.00. So about 485.00 but i get the remote start, hood latch and itshould be covered under GM warranty and my extended warranty. The stereo guy wanted 300 for non oem keyless entry. A no-brainier to go with the dealer this time because with luck i get the alarm too. Get it installed tomorrow at 2.00. I'll update with exactly what i get. I really didn't want to spend this much but ill see what happens. He's looking into the rear view camera so maybe i can get a deal on it. Otherwise i can get one myself. After the camera the level kit and gatorback bed cover Thanks!
  8. I don't have a AQQ truck. Hopefully i only need the key fobs added.
  9. I'm going to try it Monday. My dealer said i need to go to a radio guy...lol I have found in the past they are completely useless when they worked for two days installing the wire/programming on my aftermarket oem 16 colorado fogs. They had the wire in the wrong hole in the fuse box so i fixed it myself...lol I talked to another parts department in a town close by and he sounded amenable so i will try him. Thanks. I'm also going to ask about a backup camera.
  10. I won't be using the onstar, just want key fobs, don't need the anti-theft. Just simple key fobs
  11. Ok, this is even more confusing. Is there a simple way on a actual Silverado
  12. Ok, need some help. looked around here and there is no good information on installing key fobs on a 2017 Silverado WT. It did not come from the factory with them. I have the Au3 code in the glove box. The dealer thinks it needs a very expensive kit. I have onstar, power door locks but no gosh darn key fobs. I do not need remote start. Just need to install key fobs Also very little information on the internet. Local stereo guy says he can't do it.

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