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  1. I was going to put HIDs in an aftermarket headlight assembly like this, anzo, spyder, spec-d etc, just haven't chosen which one. I mean do you really think the projectors in those could be worse than the stock Chevy ones?!
  2. You replaced your entire stock headlights with the Anzos?? That's the route I'm thinking of going. Do you have pictures? You like them? I just feel if I'm gunna take the time to do HIDs I might as well replace the headlights since I absolutely love the halo/U-bar style daytime running light look.
  3. What's up gentlemen!!! Sooo happy to be apart of the club now! Just traded in my pos bmw x5 for a beautiful 2014 chevrolet silverado LTZ! Damn I love it! BUT like everyone here, hate the headlights lol I've been doing a ton of research and read so many pages here... One thing I have not seen much of is buying entire aftermarket headlight assemblies with halo style DRLs, so pretty and sexy, with pre-assembled HIDs. Example here.. https://www.protuninglab.com/hidxe14chsio1.html This is in the description : Most online seller also offers aftermarket headlights with HID kit. However, they do not offer pre-install HID combo because most headlights will require minor adjustment in order to fit HID light bulbs. At ProTuningLab, we offer pre-installed HID kit with the projector headlights. We will install the HID light bulb with the headlights and connect all wiring needed along with the HID ballast. When you receive the package, you simply install the headlights as instructed without worrying how to install or make adjustment with the HID system. I'm thinking of buying those (Spyder manufacturer) or one of the other headlight kits (really like this spec-d one below too). https://www.protuninglab.com/hidxe14chsi11.html I know about the retrofit source and their entire HID Kit for like $200 I think? Then the same headlights I'm looking at are $350-$400 by themselves, so to me it makes sense to buy the pre-assembled one for around $400. Yes you have to buy the relay harness ($20) and maybe canbus? I'm looking to not only get HIDs but also replace the entire headlight assembly the includes some type of u-bar (halo-ish?) DRLs. Would love anyones opinion on this! And like I said, happy to be in the Chevy Silverado club!

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