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  1. After a few months, it started coming back amongst other electrical issues. I had the same problem GM the one was having with a dead battery. Replaced the battery and so far, no problems whatsoever. I was getting the HIDs flickering when turning, the steering wheel getting really hard to turn at low speeds, other things cutting out, then finally a dead battery like I was having a drain. Changed it and everything is fine!
  2. My 14 did this after I put slotted rotors on it. I noticed it did it either when reversing, or slowing down. So I found an open parking lot and got some speed in reverse and slammed the brakes a couple times and it stopped and hasn’t done it again.
  3. 2014 Sierra SLT. I noticed a couple nights ago as I was getting on the interstate, my fog lights deeply flickered for a second when I turned on my blinker. Noticed it later as I pressed the brakes to slow down also. Looked at my volt gauge and it’s reading BARELY above 14 and hasn’t moved since then, like it normally does. Went get battery and alternator tested and both tested good. Battery had 14.84 v and 100% charged. Alternator was putting out 14.94 v with a/c running. I’ll attach a pic of the gauge to show. I had an 11 Yukon XL that even with a new battery, every time it was tested it was
  4. So just wondering, this will turn on the cargo lamps when unlocking, will it turn them on when reversing? What about when you turn on the cargo lights manually?
  5. Not sure why I haven’t seen this post before, but this is my exact problem. I’ve changed the switch and it didn’t help. I will contact the dealer again and relay more info before I start doing more myself since I have ext warranty. I’m not the greatest with wiring or taking stuff apart! Thanks for confirming I’m not the only one having these issues!!
  6. I have a video of it, if someone could let me know of a video host other than YouTube that would work here.... I have a new switch on order. Just waiting for it to get to my house. Will it be plug and play, or will it need to be programmed???
  7. I’d have the loom even though I don’t have the slider or charge pad? Is it in the console itself or in the lid??
  8. Had the battery checked, it checked out good, 100% charged.
  9. That I’m not sure. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to check it, I guess! Thinking about it now, first start before the test drive, it struggled a little bit to start.
  10. Even though I can hear clicking when I press them and it’s not working?
  11. Been missing for quite a while, but I have a 14 Sierra SLT crew cab. When I first test drove it, the sun roof quit working after venting. No issue, they’ll have to fix it. Bought it Saturday and it started working on the way home, Monday back to the lot bc it quit again. Sat for over a week trying to trouble shoot it. It messed up once and they did a relearn and worked fine for them after. Picked it up, next day same thing. Waited for ext warranty to kick in and brought it to the GMC branch of said dealership. It had worked perfectly every freaking time they try it. here’s what it do
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