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  1. So just wondering, this will turn on the cargo lamps when unlocking, will it turn them on when reversing? What about when you turn on the cargo lights manually?
  2. Not sure why I haven’t seen this post before, but this is my exact problem. I’ve changed the switch and it didn’t help. I will contact the dealer again and relay more info before I start doing more myself since I have ext warranty. I’m not the greatest with wiring or taking stuff apart! Thanks for confirming I’m not the only one having these issues!!
  3. I have a video of it, if someone could let me know of a video host other than YouTube that would work here.... I have a new switch on order. Just waiting for it to get to my house. Will it be plug and play, or will it need to be programmed???
  4. I’d have the loom even though I don’t have the slider or charge pad? Is it in the console itself or in the lid??
  5. Had the battery checked, it checked out good, 100% charged.
  6. That I’m not sure. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to check it, I guess! Thinking about it now, first start before the test drive, it struggled a little bit to start.
  7. Even though I can hear clicking when I press them and it’s not working?
  8. Been missing for quite a while, but I have a 14 Sierra SLT crew cab. When I first test drove it, the sun roof quit working after venting. No issue, they’ll have to fix it. Bought it Saturday and it started working on the way home, Monday back to the lot bc it quit again. Sat for over a week trying to trouble shoot it. It messed up once and they did a relearn and worked fine for them after. Picked it up, next day same thing. Waited for ext warranty to kick in and brought it to the GMC branch of said dealership. It had worked perfectly every freaking time they try it. here’s what it does. When it’s slightly warm out, on a cold start after sitting in the sun for hours, it’ll open and not close, or it won’t function at all, OR the buttons will all do the same thing. Drive it for 30 minutes or so, and it’ll either work right, or the buttons will again do all the same thing. When it doesn’t function, you can hear A clicking right behind the buttons. Do y’all have any ideas what I can do so they can try to diagnose it? Any idea what it may be so I can try to fix it myself? I’m fixing to contact GM as the dealership wants me to pick up my truck since it’s “working properly”. I love my truck, but the sunroof was the main reason I got it. Sorry for the long message, and thanks in advance!! ETA: I have searched high and low for this problem, and there’s no one who has this same problem. I’m not blowing fuses at all, I don’t have the console charge pad, no the sliding back glass.
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