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  1. Want to lift my 18 Silverado 6” and put some 17s or 18s on it and pair it with 35s. Post your silverados with 17s or 18s below. Also.. what is the advantages to a wider wheel? Not sure to buy 17x8.5 or 17x9 vs 18x9 18x10 for a 35x12.5
  2. Good to know... just wanted to make sure things were okay and my truck would be reliable in the future.
  3. Thank you. All I wanted to know. Was just worried if any of this would cut down my trucks life in the future as I plan on keeping it as long as possible..
  4. None whatsoever. I picked it up and it had 3 miles on it
  5. So I just picked up my Chevy 1500 Lt z71 4x4 two days ago. I have noticed quite a bit of rust has come with it. Was wondering if it’s something I should be worried about or if it’s normal. Here are some pics
  6. What makes that lift be able to run stock wheels over other lifts ? How is the ride quality ? Would buy again? Truck looks great if that’s your black truck
  7. Just picked up my brand new 2018 Silverado 4x4 z71.. really want to lift it 4 or 5 inches and leave my stock 18” wheels and run a 295/70r18 tire.. anyone know of any lift kit that allows for me to retain factory 18s? I think ranchos can retain factory wheels, but doesn’t say it has a kit for my truck. Only 17s

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