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  1. You raised a good point I hadn't thought of. I contacted QuickJack this morning, and yes - you can indeed use the SUV adapter kit and the SLX frame extension kit together.
  2. I'm thinking about getting the SLX with the EXT frame extension, just so I can help friends that have compact cars do brake work, etc. It's more money and two more things to store, but I'd kick myself if I had a lift but it was too long to fit!
  3. People have performed transmission/drivetrain swaps on cars (link1 link2 link3). How tall is the transmission bellhousing in our trucks? The SUV adapter kit would get you to 23.7" of lift.
  4. They had a killer deal at SEMA 2018 too, but apparently they've gotten a little tighter with their prices. All the online vendors sell (or at least advertise) at MSRP now, and the only discount codes have been for $100. $150 is the best I could get from them, but at least unlike a group buy, there's no order-taking or minimums - you just call and order. Costco has the BL-5000SLX on sale for $1100 shipped right now, which is closer to $250 off. However, I want the 7000lb capacity for my truck. And speaking of capacity, people have posted that when they call technical support and ask about capacity, the jacks are actually designed to a weight of 1.5x the advertised rating. In other words, the 7000lb jack is actually designed and engineered to 10,500lbs. There's also some stress test videos like this one on YouTube, where they lift 20,000lbs with a BL-5000SLX. They had to use a special hydraulic pump to get enough pressure, but the frame was stock and it held. It seems like you'd run out of pump capacity before you run out of frame capacity.
  5. Hi all, I've organized a limited-time $150 discount for GM-Trucks forum members for the QuickJack portable lift. It lifts the car at your jack points, giving you full unobstructed access to the underside. See how it works here: https://www.quickjack.com/portable-car-lift-for-home-garage.html Because it's not installed in a fixed location, you can move the lift forward or backward in the bay when working only at one end of the car, and you can even take it to a friend's house or the track. When you're not using it, put the power unit on a shelf and lean the lift frames against a wall. There are several models, depending on your desired weight capacity (3500lbs to 7000lbs) and the spacing between your tires (row L) and jack points (rows I and J): https://www.quickjack.com/quickjack-features.html There's plenty more information on their website, along with many videos on YouTube from both car enthusiasts and QuickJack themselves. This $150 discount is for forum members only, and it ends on February 1, 2019. For questions or to order, call Kat Ladosky at 1-805-933-9970 x152 and tell her which forum you're on. I do not work for QuickJack or Bendpak (their parent company). In fact, I'd been planning on purchasing a MaxJax M-6 once I made enough space along the sides of my small garage to install the posts. While complaining about the woes of garage reorganization to a car buddy, he told me to look into the QuickJack instead. I realized that the QuickJack actually has many advantages over a 2-post lift for my DIY purposes - easy to store, don't need to worry about center-of-gravity post positioning, being able to open the vehicle doors in my small garage. I saw that I missed a group buy in late 2017, so I set up my own.
  6. Hi everyone, As it turns out, RockAuto.com sells Auto Custom Carpet (ACC) stuff, and they sell it *cheap*! My mechanic is replacing the carpet in my 2006 Yukon XL Denali. While he's doing that, I need to make a decision on what to do with the floppy front-row headrests in my truck. I bought this truck used in 2013. It has the DVD dual-headrest entertainment system: But there's two weird things going on: Both headrests are floppy - they tilt loosely forward and back, with no friction or lock to keep them in a position. There is a lump in the front of both headrests when they're tilted backward. If I press on the lump, I feel something hard. If I tilt the headrest forward, the headrest tilts "into" the lump and it goes away. If I press on the lump while doing that, I hear a crunchy plasticy noise from inside. How are these things supposed to work? I'm contemplating replacing them with non-DVD headrests from a local salvage yard, as my kids both have their own tablets. (I even have new non-DVD leather covers in a box, which came with the seat leather I bought from The Seat Shop a couple years ago.) Are all GMT800 headrests from 1999-2006 identical? Are there tilting and non-tilting non-DVD headrests? Is there something Denali-specific I should be looking for? P.S. For the ACC stuff, we're installing factory-match carpet for the front two rows, but vinyl in the rear cargo area. I'll share pictures here when it's done!
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