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  1. I purchased and install the Borla touring - gmc version. I guess I'm getting old. After a week of driving, I put the stock back. I have it for sale. I'm LI if anyone interested.
  2. Pretty straightforward install. Make sure to drop the side rail towards the cab on each side by1/16”-1/8. If you don't you will have a small gap and won't sit flush. I had to make an adjustment. Hit me up if you have any questions.
  3. So far so good in the rain and 3 snow storms. Small tiny leak front right corner. Made an adjustment and all good.
  4. Just installed Lomax tri fold. Love the low profile look. Very easy to install.
  5. Wanted to introduce my self. From Long Island, NY and Just picked up a GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. First-time Truck owner and loving it.

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