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  1. Edmonton but most of the pictures are from road trips down south or elsewhere.
  2. Beltech 4/6 drop originally. However I wanted to run 285/60R18 tires, so I raised the front end an inch, so it's more of a 3/6 drop right now.
  3. Nice, I remember someone making these for the Raptors a few years ago. I'll have to bookmark that link in case I buy a set with the ugly plastic cap in the near future.
  4. I really don't like bland street tires on trucks. Even a tame tire like KO2's at least have some sidewalls to show off. if I planned on keeping this truck long term and running two sets of rubber; I'd honestly toss on some mud tires for shits and giggles. If i won the lottery i'd run wider fenders and boggers if I could get away with a good stance haha. People already give me dirty looks for rocking a lowered 4x4, might as well give them a reason to bring out some torches.
  5. Couple issues with it, but I bought a CC/SB and I really didn't like the combo after a few months. If I bought an extended cab, I would still be driving it. Plus I hated how GM made some bigger interior changes to the 2019 models (heated steering wheel, better screen/backup camera). I just felt kinda ripped off.
  6. I sold the Silverado for a ZR2. Which I got rid of a few months later. Picked up this rig to ride around in for a little bit.
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