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  1. Both my previos trucks I just called a muffler shop and got a quote. First truck was $110 cdn to cut off the resonator and weld in a pipe. Second truck was $200cdn to do the same at a different shop. That one was more spur of the moment kinda thing but it worked out fine. Gives it a nicer sound but still reasonable if you have neighbors and just want to hear the V8 a little better. Both times, they just cut off the resonator, nothing crazy as everything else was left stock. I could have went to a buddies and did it but meh, sometimes gotta enjoy the convenience factor on avoiding really minor stuff.
  2. Lifter failure, scoured camshaft etc etc. Traded it in as the warranty was going this year anyways. This is it's new 'owner' and they need photography lessons haha. Worst angle ever for the truck. Picked up an diesel AEV Bison instead.
  3. Seeing how much bedding I can stuff into this thing and close it.
  4. It drives good in the snow, no complaints. If the KO2's loose traction I just pop it into Auto 4X4.
  5. Edmonton but most of the pictures are from road trips down south or elsewhere.
  6. Beltech 4/6 drop originally. However I wanted to run 285/60R18 tires, so I raised the front end an inch, so it's more of a 3/6 drop right now.
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