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  1. I have a dent that I want to cover. Have found a chrome, diamond plate one but no black plastic to match the factory side rails.
  2. Has anybody found a front bed rail cap for a 2016 Silverado? Or know of a different year/model that will fit? Everything I've found is for side rails and tailgate. Thanks, Tyler
  3. Can still see all lights in the middle of the day and look exactly the same at night (other than fogs).
  4. Made my fogs essentially useless, which I was prepared for. I didn't want to remove my bumper to get to the fogs so I could take them apart to paint the chrome housing, so I just smoked the entire exterior lense. My headlights are exactly the same since I didn't touch them. Only smoked the clear lense over the driving lights, the amber lense over the turn signals, and the amber corner markers... the exterior cover for the entire light assembly is still clear.
  5. Black everything and smoked my tails, turns, and corner markers.
  6. I tapped into the rear speakers which I found under the door sills. I can't remember the colors of the wires, but a quick google search will tell you exactly what color to look for. Don't even bother pulling your head unit out, find the acc/remote wire in your door sill as well. I didn't have any issue with the door chimes.. I also used the LC2i.
  7. Installed a 3" level and 33" mud tires on my 2016 and lost about 2 mpg. Looks cool though
  8. I believe Mike was referring to the corner marker lights, not the full turn signals. I was only able to get a pic of both turn signals on because I hit my hazards and timed it just right.
  9. Doesn't even have the same fender trim as the front. A poor attempt at a mod.
  10. If I'm not mistaken you can do the afm delete with your tuner...? No need for both.
  11. I've never done vinyl wrapping myself.. I do know it's generally less expensive than painting
  12. 100% recommend vinyl wrapping your front end. Easy to remove/replace if needed. Should be able to wrap your grill, headlights, and bumper. Plastidip or powdercoat are your best bets for the rims.
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