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  1. I noticed for a while that the paint was peeling on the inside of my truck bed and on the inside of the tail gate. I was ok with it because I was planning to get a bed liner put in. But after a search on 2014 Silverado paint peeling, I was pretty shocked. So far I have not seen any peeling anywhere else, but I'm sure its just a matter of time. It makes me sick seeing the pictures posted here and online. For the most part, I could deal with mechanical or electrical related repairs/fixes but paint peeling, that sucks, especially for those of us that are particular about our rides.
  2. I’m from Texas and I just got a used 2014, Z71, CC, 5.3L. I’ve already found a lot of good info on this site. Of course a bit much info on some topics, but I’m ok with it (a thanks to the moderators). For example, the AFM and catch can topic. I gather both mod’s should get done since I’m planning on keeping it a while and investing in other mod’s??
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