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  1. I got mine free from the dump.Stainless Steel (308 I think). Back of a medical cabinet or computer.4 small peices of Alum angle,and some auto body clips from any auto parts store.I bent the screen over a 2x4,by hand.Tip:Make cardboard templet 1st. Good luck Fellows! Been on there a year,no rust or dings.
  2. Tell Us Your Work Truck Story In Honor of Labor Day

    I'm new at posting things.My pics tell it all,laying pipe,concrete sonotubes and flooring down, in Mississippi with my Blue 2003 HD 2500 which I just sold. Same tool boxes/rack,new truck,2016 HD 2500 LTZ Z71 8' ft. Ones before that were 1998 3/4 ton and an 1988.All brand new...... Chevys been working good for me my whole life. Hope the same for you!

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