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  1. Hello! First post om the forum, been lurking around for a while in the process of fixing my dads older truck. Its an 02' Silverado 2500 HD LT 4x4 with the gas 6.0 motor. Great truck always change the oil runs great for 320,000. Time to smog it service engine light been on for some time, bought a simple code reader and it through 2 codes. P0440 and P0449. After reading several past threads here on the P0449 (Vent valve solinoid) code it seems as theres differences through the years of production, as in location and the set up of the gas vapor purge system. And in the threads i was reading the other trucks weren't an 02' like my dads. Kinda in between the very first trucks and when they started to change them. I need to know which solinoid i have on my truck and if its stuffed in between the bed and the cab, or behind the fuel tank, or ontop of the fuel tank. I replaced the fuel pump myself last summer with a freind and remeber what a doosy that tank was droping and putting back. Im hoping i dont have to again soon. Quote Edit Quote this

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