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  1. I posted 3 videos on GM-trucks as well but can only upload 4mb on here


    1. Agri-Cover, Inc.

      Agri-Cover, Inc.

      Jon, video looks awesome! Thank you for posting

  2. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover Giveaway

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to show off your product. I have video and pics of the unpacking and install. It is a great bed cover. I posted the videos on your Facebook page. Thank you so much. P.s. make this easier to attach larger files. Then everyone can see the cheesy videos.
  3. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover Giveaway

    Sorry a little slow on the uptake😳😆 AWESOME!!! Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!! Will post pics reviews as soon as I get it on the truck maybe even a video of the open and install.
  4. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover Giveaway

    I am entering to win the Agri-Cover Lomax Tri-Fold bed cover for my 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with a 5 foot bed. The Lomax Tri-Fold bed cover would be perfect for me and my family. We travel a lot, as I was military and it took me away from home and now we take a lot of vacations to see everyone. with the new option to lock your tailgate this makes traveling a lot less stressful as your stuff stays dry and SECURE. On another note we are big time outdoor adventure seekers, so we ride our UTV, camp, hunt and float a lot. being able to leave the vehicle at a site with supplies and gear in the bed secured is a huge relief. The most useable feature to me is how fast I can install and remove a cover for bed use, and its ability to provide some form of security while I am traveling, as well as the durability over time. These are important to me because I don't by a truck to not use the bed, so easy removal is a must. At the price of these accessories durability is key because I don't want to have to make another purchase in a year or two. I do currently have a tri-fold tonneau cover on my truck it is vinyl and made by Tyger. I am looking to replace it because it is vinyl and can be cut into or torn easily making me feel like my stuff isn't very secure. I use my truck for everything. we love to travel and explore. I haul my SXS UTV out with tools and parts for our weekend adventures, I haul camping gear for our family getaways, I haul hunting gear like decoys, blinds, chairs, clothes and weapons during spring and fall seasons in and out of state. Those are just some of the things I use my bed for. The truck itself has become an adventure seeking vehicle as well when we don't want to take the side by side or we are traveling and see some isolated location that we want to check out. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly place your product on my truck. It would be great to have it and I would love to post pictures of it on my truck as well as reviews from our adventures, and how the cover has made it easier for us.

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