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  1. For travel trailer, you have to consider dry weight, wet weight, how much stuff you will be putting in it, tongue weight, etc. You can overload a 1/2 ton truck really fast as payloads are much lower than a 3/4 ton truck
  2. Have fun and welcome to the camping family!
  3. I would put a set of Lt tires on and get rid of the p rated ones
  4. If you get the max towing package you’ll be ok. 2500HD and you’ll never think twice about towing
  5. Are you gonna be able to stay within the truck's max weight and the max axle weight?
  6. I would think a dealership would be proactive in having female sales staff. Primarily to cater to female customers and make the buying experience more relaxed for them
  7. Most of them are front wheel drive systems and barely send enough power to the rear wheels to do anything
  8. Sooner or later manuals will be relegated to super bare subcompacts and some sports cars
  9. I would say all vehicles are way to expensive these days
  10. I have seen it local, seems confident
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