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  1. I have a 2018 silverado LT. I posted this a long time ago. Was told that there are 4 screws to remove, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I did remove 4 screws but obviously not the correct ones. I ended up not being patient and ended up breaking that part. I finally got around to buying the part that has the power plug and the little cubby in it and now I have to install it the correct way. If someone has pics to show which four screws I would really appreciate it... Thanks in advance, Ron
  2. No power for the rear sear passengers. The power outlet that looks like a cigarette lighter on the rear of the center consol. have checked all fuses and nothing blown. Not sure how to take that section off to see if it came unplugged or broken wire. thanks, Ron
  3. How would you turn it back on, it seems like my truck does not coast, I do a lot of highway miles and would like my truck to coast easier. I have accidently hit the tow button before but not sure if it shut down the coast feature
  4. Do you have any other designs besides the carbon filter ones, say like white gauge faces or flames ?
  5. I did this on my 2003 avalanche, just bought the power folding mirrors with the directional signal in them and just had to bring to the dealer to program it, the mirrors were a plug and play since the wire harness was already inside the door I would also like to do this to my new truck
  6. Went from 2002 Avalanche (First pic) to 2018 Silverado (other 3 picks) I wonder what attracted me to this new truck
  7. I just picked up a 2018 ? I take it that they are the same? How hard/easy is it to take off?
  8. please repost the link for this. This is what I am looking for. Sorry if its been posted before, this is my first day on this site so still getting use to the set up. Thanks in advance
  9. This may be what I'm looking for. I would like the fog lights to come on with the DRL's in the day time and at night be on with the drl's and the low beams. Basically I want them on all the time that I am driving. I just like the way the truck looks with them on. If this is how you did yours can u please send me the link, I have a 2018
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