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  1. Heated steering wheel

    From what I read in the thread the airbag is different. But my guess is something else is different since gm has a different part number.
  2. couple quick audio (loc) questions

    So do any of the DSP's mentioned make the chime sounds lower or go away other then the Metra one? Mainly looking for that, getting tired of the loud chimes every time the truck starts
  3. Heated steering wheel

    If anyone with a 2500 is looking for one, good price (from what i've seen) on ebay here for a brand new one. too bad i dont have a 2500 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/84222916-Chevy-Silverado-2015-2016-2017-HEATED-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-Black-NEW/302777147629?hash=item467eeca0ed:g:QgAAAOSwllpbKRXg
  4. Speed indicator tab

    If you use Waze on Android Auto it does have the speed limit on it. But same as the onboard NAV one, not 100% accurate but I'd say 98% accurate for it.
  5. Not much has changed as to how everything is hooked up. unfortunately if you want to keep the stock deck then you'll have to go with a LOC (line out converter) to add amps to it. you can try changing just the speakers to see if it ill make enough of a difference for you. For me, it still wasn't loud enough haha few ppl on here, including me, have put a small sub under the center console. Along with that, i upgraded the speakers and added an amp to them. there's a few threads on here about these. For my setup I was going with the RD500/1 and the MX500/4 but had to go with the RD400/4 due to the mx series going in over voltage when above 15v, which GM trucks do when starting.I have the C1 series speakers in the doors and an 8w3 under the center console.
  6. Definitely worth the money IMO Pics of the damage before and after here. no paint damage luckily even though i thought there would be some
  7. I haven't seen it yet. but it's made specifically for that sub. So if i was to buy it, I would put that sub in it anyway
  8. Nice! ya, should really be hard to make. you'd just need the connectors and pins essentially to make it. then you wouldn't have to cute the factory harness. although its in a really easy location to do so and there is surprisingly enough cable unlike other vehicles i've worked on for car audio. I guess it depends if you ever want to take the subs out for some reason really. Then all you need to do is disconnect the speaker cable going to them and you're set if they're on the back wall. If the amps are on the box and you need to take them out for something, then you'll have Power, Ground, RCA, Remote and speaker cables to disconnect. I personally also like having it all hidden. That way if someone decides to try and steal it.....Good luck haha. And its always fun to have someone look inside to see the stereo cause they like the sound and they can't find it
  9. Wish there was a non expensive harness out there. i just spliced the wires behind the screen. Went to the LOC in the back and then back to the front to the speaker wires. Didn't feel like running new speaker wires to the doors so did it this way. And they're nothing crazy so no use really upgrading the speaker wires. Elevator bolts with JB weld!. Saw it somewhere else on the forum. Just make sure you scuff up the back of them and the back wall. I forgot as i was in a rush and they only stayed on for a few days haha. Just remounted them tuesday and with the cold/warm we've been getting, they're still holding up.
  10. Thanks! If it's the one i think it is, then no. (beeing in canada, JL links just redirect me to the main page of the canadian site. Very annoying) It is nice to have a drop in box/sub but for the price, i decided to build my own. Sure its not as pretty as the JL one, but noone sees it, so really who cares. If it was visible, then maybe i'd put 100% in making it look nice haha If you don't mind loosing room in the back seat then i'd suggest going with that as well. you'd have more options for sizes and bigger/more powerful subs. I went with under the console since the dog takes up the back seat, as you can see from the dog bed in the pic. There is also the kicker substage that you can even get at the dealer, or elsewhere, that can go back there. I believe it's all plug and play and the amp goes under the steering wheel somewhere. It's listed here along with a few options here for your truck. https://www.crutchfield.com/g_530/Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes.html?tp=113
  11. So here are the amps. Don't mind the mess. It'll be cleaned up before the seats go back in. I was going with the RD500/1 and the MX500/4 but had to go with the RD400/4 due to the mx series going in over voltage when above 15v, which GM trucks do when starting. I have the C1 series speakers in the doors and like mentioned, an 8w3 under the center console. So far I'm happy with it! Sent from my ASUS_Z01KD using Tapatalk
  12. I just built a box for under the center console with a JL 8W3 in it. didn't take any pics of it but there are a few threads on the forums with some boxes. I was looking at the one already built from JL but IMO it's too pricey. We looked under the seats when building the box but there was not enough room for it due to the power seats motors/wiring. i put my amps on a board on the back wall of the truck. so everything is hidden and it sounds great. Not as much bass as im used to (used to have 2 10's with a jl 1000/1 amp in my car) but due to limited room and not wanting to lose any room in the truck, i went this route. Ill try and remember to get some pics of the amps mounted (seats are still out of the truck) tonight.
  13. Call a few dealers and find out. I asked my sales guy for a friend and he said if you have Onstar already, then you just have to call Onstar and have a reset done to enable the app. also, a coworkers bf had it installed in his by the dealer when he purchased the truck, he got a WT model, and it works with the app.
  14. Gabbygenier's 2017 Silverado

    Been busy so haven't had time to update. Got a rough country level/lift kit and a swing case tool box for the box.

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