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  1. Might be different since I'm in Canada but i was told anything that is installed by the dealer when purchasing the truck or even after you've taken possession, is covered under the warranty of the truck. I say call the dealer and ask.
  2. with a rockford LOC, I can confirm that even with it set to lowest possible. the chime still gets amplified so when you start the truck the 4 chimes it does are really loud. The flasher doesn't though for some reason.
  3. I know on the mazda 3 we have, if the batteries in the fob or it's not working, you put the fob right by the push start button and it'll read it that way and start. The sales guy actually did it when we first went to see the car since the PDI was not done and nothing was programmed. My guess is it just uses NFC technology so that's why it has to be so close. Probably how most cars work also. As for starting it without the fob and just the key, i have not looked at the manual but i don't think there's a way to do it
  4. I have the weathertechs in my 2017 crew cab. The fronts have 0 issues even though i take them out in the summer. The back has started to curl on the edges even though it was never taken out of the truck. Kind of frustrating considering the price but from what i had read when researching them, ppl had issues with either husky or weathertechs curling in the back. I had weathertechs in my car before my truck and really liked them so decided to go with those. we went with the husky ones for the wife's car. No issues so far with those but its hard to compare in a car due to them being more fitted then a truck IMO They do come with lifetime warranty so I'll see what they'll say about it
  5. If anyone in Canada is looking for to do this. There's one for sale on the Quebec silverado Sierra Facebook group for 570$ Canadian. Not sure if it includes everything needed but descent price
  6. Why you mad though??? i watched the video and yes they said to turn off the auto update on the apps but the comments say there was an update to google play services that caused this not work anymore. google play services is needed for any app to be updated. so without that, it won't let you update any other app. or if you system has an android update, it will update google play services. Not saying this isn't possible, just saying this way may not work anymore
  7. Thanks I was trying to find a spot in that area that wouldn't require too much chopping in behind. The back of that panel has lots of lines so where it ended up was the least amount of work that i know wouldn't affect anything else
  8. If you read the comments an update to google play services (which is needed for any updates on your apps) has stopped this from working Im sure there are other ways but this one won't work
  9. From what I read in the thread the airbag is different. But my guess is something else is different since gm has a different part number.
  10. So do any of the DSP's mentioned make the chime sounds lower or go away other then the Metra one? Mainly looking for that, getting tired of the loud chimes every time the truck starts
  11. If anyone with a 2500 is looking for one, good price (from what i've seen) on ebay here for a brand new one. too bad i dont have a 2500 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/84222916-Chevy-Silverado-2015-2016-2017-HEATED-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-Black-NEW/302777147629?hash=item467eeca0ed:g:QgAAAOSwllpbKRXg
  12. If you use Waze on Android Auto it does have the speed limit on it. But same as the onboard NAV one, not 100% accurate but I'd say 98% accurate for it.
  13. Not much has changed as to how everything is hooked up. unfortunately if you want to keep the stock deck then you'll have to go with a LOC (line out converter) to add amps to it. you can try changing just the speakers to see if it ill make enough of a difference for you. For me, it still wasn't loud enough haha few ppl on here, including me, have put a small sub under the center console. Along with that, i upgraded the speakers and added an amp to them. there's a few threads on here about these. For my setup I was going with the RD500/1 and the MX500/4 but had to go with the RD400/4 due to the mx series going in over voltage when above 15v, which GM trucks do when starting.I have the C1 series speakers in the doors and an 8w3 under the center console.
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