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  1. Crew or Double Cab?

    The beds even shorter now?
  2. Connecting speakers that are lower impedance than the amp is rated for can damage the amp.
  3. He definitely made the right choice.
  4. idk I'm just closer to a GMC dealership and have an accessory voucher
  5. Is the OEM underseat storage for Crew Cabs for Silverados and Sierras the same? If I got one at a GMC dealer would it fit my Chevrolet?
  6. Center console swap?

    Hmm, sounds like the AUX input is completely separate from USB then. Interesting that neither of them work inside the console.
  7. Center console swap?

    Got it pulled from the jump seat, wasn't hard at all. FWIW: 04/27/18 (P) 1351 9224 DELPHI-35022700_A These hubs have a connector on them with a bunch of wires that the front console hub doesn't have.
  8. Center console swap?

    How does the hub pop out of the jump seat?
  9. Center console swap?

    Update to my list above: AUX doesn't work either. I'm willing to test anything the more knowledgeable people would like me to.
  10. Center console swap?

    Ok, I double checked every connection, everything looks right to my knowledge. Everything in the front of the console works, both USB, both 12Vs, and the 110V (this shows open ground on a circuit tester, I assume that's normal? I didn't check it before the swap.) The 12V inside the console and on the back of the console for the back seat work. LED inside the console works. Wireless charging lid works. 2 USBs inside the console charge devices. 2 USBs inside the console work with Android Auto when my phone is plugged into them. 2 USBs inside the console DO NOT WORK FOR USB MEDIA. This is the only thing not working. I even checked the 2 wires on the power plug for the front USB hub that is part of pgamboa's harness with a multimeter and confirmed there is 12V across the pins. I don't know what the problem could be. Obviously there's some communication going on with the inside USB ports because Android Auto works. Could it be a problem with one of the hubs. How hard is it to remove the interior hubs? Maybe try swapping it with the one from the jump seat since I think they're the same part? Pictures of connections:
  11. Center console swap?

    My AUX jack wasn't working, either. I assume it's just a USB device internally connected to the hub.
  12. Center console swap?

    I wonder if its an issue with the inside hub not getting enough power? Carplay, etc just need a data connection since the phones themselves still have battery power so they work, but USB drives aren't getting enough juice to power on the device and get recognized. Just a thought.
  13. Center console swap?

    Thanks, I have the old plastic from the driver side taken off. I haven't even tried to install it yet, though. Gonna pop the top back off and double check the connections.

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