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  1. Today I took my 2015 Yukon Xl for a drive with the service manager. In the last week it has received the PIT5318C roof bow work and it received the PIT5404 exhaust system replacement. The service manager commented that the buffeting did not really improve until after the exhaust change. The difference in the exhaust is the valve for V4 used to be behind the muffler and with the revision it was moved to before the muffler. I guess this is logical since that would help deal with the change in tone when you go into V4 mode. There is still a vibration that will be measured with the PICO (sp?) meter to help isolate, but he acknowledged its presence and wants to use the equipment to hone in on the source. I have had my rear tires RFB 2X since October.
  2. Could anyone tell me if the PIT 5318 is still active and also if folks have experienced a failure after this repair? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Well I went to the dealership on Friday to take a look at the the situation with the roof bows. They look pretty bad the front most bow was missing a lot of the bonding material. I had been complaining that the roof over the drivers seat was loose making noise since the summer and when they had a engineering look at it in December he put in some foam tape, which can be seen in first picture. I am guessing he must have known about the bow delimitation and Buffeting issue and instead of going further he said the problem was not reproducible and there was no issue. Many of the bows are not sealed to the roof panel at many different locations and there are other area's that are totally missing. This situation is so unacceptable. They are waiting for the supplies they ordered to come in before they go further with the repair.
  4. Here is my update. The service manager contacted me today and totally agrees that there is something up with buffeting in my truck. They are headed down the road of the PIT 5318 I was told we need to follow the recommendations of GM regarding the issue.
  5. My 2015 Yukon xl is going in tomorrow and the service manager and the district manager will be taking it for a ride. I went the bbb route and to date I have been told that there is nothing wrong with my truck and that the best they would do is offer to extend my warranty. I also involved the service manager and general manager at my dealership and they are going to bat for me and trying to see what they can do. In the mean time bbb is moving me onto the arbitration phase. I missed spending Christmas with my family due to an issue with my truck that would not allow me to drive it 10 hrs. This whole process is really getting frustrating. I hope that the dealerships staff can help turn the tables
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