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  1. Love the lift , spent the money bought the RC shocks. Hate the shocks going back to factory with the Ranchos and blocks. Besides thats awesome lift for the money
  2. I love the look of my truck dont get me wrong , but driving down the road and seeing the same truck in a 5 or 6 in lift running 35s looks so bad ass . I’ll make the decision when my tires get worn in the next 5 years lol and see if i would go taller and just slap some 35s as well. Also i put back the ORM rancho shocks in the rear , rides little better in the back. You have a really good setup with those shocks too. I just checked my cv boot looks good as new
  3. Im happy with my lift honestly , the only regret i have is nor going with a taller lift kit
  4. Damn that cv angles looks way better than mine , so you diff clears the cross member? Does are 5100 on the front?
  5. Nice man!! We need some pics , you got the bilsteins for the rear? How does it ride? I want to get some foxs 2.0 performance series shocks 980-24-664 , they are only 0.300 in smaller than the Rough Country ones i have so i might give it a try
  6. So far its holding up good , i like the look and the ride quality and i was able to fit 33s so im happy so far
  7. Yea it did , im going to monitor the cv and see how much it holds
  8. Ok i’ll look for some spacers for the diff drop thank you
  9. Damn haha , well i already bit the bullet. I’ll see how long it holds. If its too much then im going to have to upgrade to a better kit like BDS or something that can correct cv angles as well as the ball joints. Thank you for your time I appreciate it
  10. So you went with a RC 5 inch lift after you were running into problems with the 3.5? The truck looks sexy as F**K by the way
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