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  1. One more thing. I disagree with a previous statement that mentioned Prochargers are more for race vehicles. Prochargers have a lot of benefits over a roots. IAT's are one. There is not a roots that will have lower IAT's than a procharger set-up. The lower the IAT's the more power the engine will make hands down. the power is more forgiving as well. Think about stop light to stop light or getting out of the hole, do you want to burn the tires off or accelerate with a linear curve? i'm a fan of a linear curve. just my thoughts.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2018 Z71 with a P1sc1. i opted for the large intercooler. The procharger tune that you can get with the system is very mild. It is low on timing, a little fat on fuel. With that being said, have a local tuner work the magic on a dyno. The ECM will have to be unlocked which is not a big deal. getting the tune right for the TCM (transmission control module) is key. I know one person that has done the research and is excellent at that part of the process. Tommy Blackard with Mafia Motorsports down in Mississippi. Driveability is great with the blower. I have the helical gear set and that thing is super quiet. The bypass valve is noticeable and gets folks looking when in traffic etc. install time was 5.5 hours. most time is spent on front grill and mounting the intercooler. At the time of install do yourself a favor and follow this closely!!!! purchase a Trick flow or other high quality air/oil seperator to plumb into the dirty side pcv system. I installed one on the clean and one on the dirty side. Trick flow has a dual unit that is on one bracket and looks really nice. DO NOT run the discharge line to the air inlet hose or the air filter. run it to the back of truck using a AN line or similar. This will eliminate any oil getting pulled into the intake which WILL cause fast buildup on the intake floor and runners. Remember being direct injected fuel is not introduced into the runner like before. the fuel would aid in cleaning the runners to a degree. Finally, wrap it up with a circle D 3000 stall converter. The stock converter is tight and will get on your nerves. The converter makes a huge difference in getting into the power band of the engine and making boost faster. Hope this helps.
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