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  1. Ford's method of weight reduction was an "across the board" approach where they largely used aluminium (which is lighter than steel) in place of steel. GM on the other hand used a much more focused/thorough/efficient but more laborious approach to achieve weight reduction...They (GM) reviewed every major chassis and structural component and optimized it not only in terms of material selection but also thickness/size/form based on the component's functional requirements. Thus for example instead of simply substituting a steel suspension component with an aluminum one, you build one made with super high strength steel (which is much lighter than regular steel) with varying cross section thickness and also form the component as one piece instead of 2 or 3 different pieces...this reduces weight of the component not only due to material selection but also due to material quantity (varying cross section thickness) and less complexity (one piece as opposed to 2 or 3 pieces to form the same component) not to mention cost efficiency because steel is easier to work with than aluminum. Now multiply this across the hundreds of components on a truck and you get a net weight reduction per truck similar or better than an "across the board" aluminum approach yet more cost effective. PS: Ram used a similar weight reduction approach to GM though not as thorough as GM.

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