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  1. Thanks all, your response are very helpful. I have made a short video of both the brake pedal click sound, and the seatbelt issue. I tried to replicate the seat belt plastic guide issue, in some cases it falls off completely. But while I filmed... ofcourse... it does not do that. But it does seperate a bit, and it seems very loose. Have a look.... Seat Belt cover Click Sound I will post the sound of the fuell pump tomorrow
  2. I got a 2018 Crew-cab Silverado Lt. Very, very happy with it. Its now a bit over 1 year, done about 10K miles, but have a question about 3 small issues I face: 1. When I start the car after standing overnight, the fuel pump under the car makes a high, loud squealing noise. Started at about 5K or 6 K miles. It stops after a minute or so.Is this normal? Starts and drives fine. 2. When I put the rear seats up, the plastic cover (just above the seat back rest) of the middle rear seat belt separates, and the seat belt gets stuck. I have to put the plastic parts back in place every time I lower the seats again . Is this a common issue? 3. When I press the brake pedal, i hear a "click". This started about 2 K miles ago.. Its not related to the brake light switch, as that goes on before the "click". I feel the same kind of click all the time when pressing the throttle pedal as well. Its not just a sound but also something you feel in your feet. Any ideas what it is the problem? I will bring the car for a service in a couple of K miles, and have full warranty, but like to know forehand what the issues could be, and what I can expect. Thanks!
  3. I scanned mine, and see the chassis number, year, truck type and then a whole bunch of 3 letter/number codes. How to decode that?
  4. I have an Fabtech 2” top mount leveling kit installed on my 18 Silverado Crewcab. Bought it from our GM dealer, and had it installed by them. No difference with stock ride, no sounds or vibration. And no negative affect to GM’s warranty. The work they did other than the install, was wheel alignment and they adjusted a very slight reduction of the turning circle. They also adjusted the headlights. They advised me that 2” was the absolute max to go for a leveling kit without causing problems..
  5. You could opt getting a Silverado from Dubai, GCC spec. No problem sending them to Europe, and they have km/h cluster e.g.
  6. From what I have seen it’s the AXEL shaft that normally breaks if one of the real wheels locked up by friction while heavy torque is applied. Drive shaft, or it’s components should not break with a well maintained drive train. It’s good that GM recognized that, and is fixing the truck under warranty.
  7. I feel going back 10 years having to put a key in the column, to turn it to start the engine in my new ‘18. I am used again :-). I was not to happy with the banging sound of the remote fob either. I applied the solution that was suggested here: I stuck some Velcro on the column; 3$ solution, looks great, banging completely gone.
  8. Greetings from Dubai! I bought a few weeks ago my 2018 5.3 Crewcab Midnight Edition with Z71 package, 50% tint, and Bakflip MX4 bed cover. Its my first Chevy in my 30 years of buying history, and can say I am impressed with the ride and build quality. I did on this forum a lot of research before buying; it was very helpfull reading all the posts. I do not plan any modifications right now, other than removing the lower airdam; I like the truck as it is.
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