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  1. Installed it earlier. I haven't noticed anything, but I wasn't having problems prior to it either.
  2. Thanks for clarifying and sounding like a pompous ass in the process. Possibly had you just posted the parts and process you wouldn't get questions. Please don't let us peasants take up your time king rearview mirror installer. Sorry for questioning your mistyped part numbers. I'm sure your servant will receive many lashes for the error on their part.
  3. Well hopefully you took pics and can post the full install showing how it's done with the full parts list. Would love to add this to my truck.
  4. I was just searching part numbers https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-high-mount-lamp-84487008
  5. You need the mirror too. But yes, I'm hoping the guy posts a full post with pics and all part numbers. In all honestly, it would be best to create a new post with all of those in it. Also saw that spoiler part online last night for less than $200, but I'm not buying anything until I can see how easy or hard it is.
  6. Good luck on the install. Please take plenty of pics or even video and post all the parts needed.
  7. I stopped by a local truck accessory store and bought and had them install a MX4 on my 2020 Silverado this morning. Mostly because I'm lazy and spur of the moment purchase. Anyway, after an hour they hand me back the keys and I go out to the truck. Talk about poor quality control. The rubber looked at if it was 10 years old. Where the panels bend, there were already signs of tearing in the rubber. I immediately had them take it off. Was told this was normal with Bak products. I'm sorry, but something that costs almost a grand should be better quality. They offered for me to leave it on there until they could get more in, but he said they could go through 20 boxes and maybe still not even find a good one. This seemed to be a common theme as while I waiting for them to remove it, I heard him call his regional rep to let them know another one would be coming back. Oh well back to the drawing board on which cover I will go with.
  8. This topic would be better with pics from the backup camera at night with the reverse lights on so show the difference.
  9. Disappointed in the colors of this as well. It does seem washed out. Traded in an 18 JL Wrangler and when I looked at the radio, it was the first thing I noticed. Really wish I could swap this out with an aftermarket headhunt with wireless CarPlay.
  10. I haven't seen this in action yet but how does this handle headlights at night for cars? Love the concept of having this since I always tint my windows so dark.
  11. Come on, I just installed my center console in my 2018 last night. Now I have to buy another one haha.
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