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  1. Thanks Chuck. As usual, you are on top of it. I will probably go with the GM cover, after my return request was accepted by Truck Addons for the Truxedo soft roll up cover. However, because I'm not a fan of the GM-type handle clamps, which mostly represent the other versions on the market for soft folding covers, I'm still trying to find a way to make the Trifecta work. I like their handle clamps and the quality is first rate, based upon my previous experience. After numerous calls to different places, I finally got a person who was straight with me and seemed to be on top of things. Molly at Extang stated that the Trifecta 2.0 has been changed over the past year and during that time the cover required clamps in the stake pockets to keep it down. And since the upper level trims on the 2019 T1 Sierras have the assist handle on the driver's side of the box, covering up the knock out plug for the stake pocket, she said they are currently not selling the Trifecta 2.0 for this category of truck. When I asked her, what would work, she said that she knew they were doing testing and measurements this week to work around the assist handle issue on the 5.8 bed and that she needed some time, before getting back to me. I did not ask her yet about Chuck's complaint having to do with the power tailgate not opening, but I will. I'm on hold now, but will report back. Here is a picture of the assist handle in the truck bed covering up the knock out plug.
  2. I received my 2019 GMC SLT this weekend and I was hoping to install a previously ordered Lo Pro yesterday. Sorry to say, this cover and others with the rails attached on the inside conflict with the new grab handle setup, if they use the stake pocket for the clamp farthest from the back window on the driver's side. Since Chuck previously reported that the Extang 2.0 would not work either due to another reason, besides the GM cover he purchased what other soft cover options are out there. Secondly, I'd like to know if Chuck or other new Silverado owners are dealing with the grab handles, too?
  3. Talked with Mia at Real Truck and she said the Extang 2.0 soft trifold cover has not been recalled, because it hasn't been manufactured yet. Real Truck, in other words, and according to their customer rep, says that these covers are not yet available, even though I told her that someone has reported, Chuck, that these are in fact available and don't work with the power tailgate on the Chevy/GMC 2019 short bed. Hmmmm....
  4. Talked with Jeff at Extang today. He said, there is no recall on this cover at Extang. Not sure what's going on, but would like to come to an understanding if the 2.0 soft trifold works on the 2019 Sierra or not. He said that the power tailgate on the Ford and Chevy/GMC works with this cover if installed correctly and that he is totally unaware of any recall.
  5. Thanks for the update, Chuck. Must've seen your original post. Way to go.
  6. Thanks a million, Chuck. You have saved me and probably many others an undeserved headache. I'm really surprised that Extang would not have vetted this prior to manufacture. Maybe we should call in congress for a full review. Again, my utmost appreciation for your thorough and prompt response.
  7. Thanks for the info, Chuck. Could you elaborate on the problem with the Extang 2.0 trifold soft cover problem not releasing the tailgate, please? I have a 2019 sierra slt on order and I was about to pull the trigger on this cover, because I was so pleased with it on my 2007 Silverado. When I read your previous post about having to return the Extang, I was troubled that such an oversight could occur with this company on what I consider to be a common enough situation. And yes, I have the multi-pro tailgate on order, maybe this could be the issue. Could you please provide a little more detail and I'm assuming that you have the above mentioned tailgate on your ride, too?
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