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  1. Just installed the Rancho front strut quicklift assembly. Previously I had the stock struts with a leveling spacer and had no issue but the quicklift struts have raised the front a bit more and now it seems my upper control arms are hitting the droop stops. The ride is terrible. When I go across big dips it feels like a pogo stick. Will aftermarket upper control arms fix the issue or do I need to put the stock springs on the Rancho struts? 2017 z71 CC
  2. I just did the Rancho quicklift. Raised it a bit more than expected. I am hoping to keep the factory UCA on my 17 Z71. However, they are hitting the drop stop on big dips in the road.
  3. I just had my truck in for a faulty fuel gauge. While in they did a ECM update. From what I understand one of the updates was to address rough idle. The update changed idle timing and swear I sometimes have to look at the tac to see if it is running. It's extremely smooth now.
  4. well dang... you're right. I thought it was staying off. I guess I can't explain the recent good behavior of my transmission.
  5. Something I discovered recently. If you hold the tow/haul button for 3 seconds it will toggle on and off the grade shifting feature. Mine was on by default. I have turned off the grade shifting and have since noticed a significant improvement in transmission performance. Especially during deceleration. The clunkiness is almost completely gone. Give it a try.....
  6. I have heard a similar with mine. I think it is from the air pump.
  7. I kinda like it. At least they are trying to make it different than all the other trucks.
  8. Not sure if anyone else has this happen. When I use remote start the rear defrost comes on automatically. It doesn't matter what it is set to in the remote start settings. Currently I have it set to off but every time I use remote start the it lights up the button for rear defrost. I always have to manually turn it off after I start going. Sometimes I don't remember and it just stays on and I notice it 30 minutes later when I get home.
  9. it does have the bench seat. does that mean there isn't even wiring for a sub?
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