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  1. thanks again . yes it looks like ill be ok with the old antenna .
  2. Thanks for checking ... the guy that’s helping me told me today he now has all we need for the swap ,basically told me to get a 06 or newer module and he will take care of the rest.. basically what he’s doing it’s almost the same process that was done back when the upgrade package was available , I’m keeping my fingers crossed... once again thank you ,, hope you all have a good nig
  3. As far as i had been told the ugrade is possible . its amazing that no one on the onstar side can provide any solid info ... the guy thats willing to do the VIN swap for me (free) is not sure if i need to change the antenna to a newer shark fin style one .... IF i go to the onstar site and enter my vin the system tells me that its not suported since its older than 2006 , im afraid that even after i do the vin swap it wont work ...
  4. 3 diferent calls 3 techs none knew or understood what i was trying to do ..... thats why im here seeking for help ...
  5. Hey guys .. I had been lurking around the forum for long time today I decided to finally join , currently own a 2010 Silverado and a Hummer h2 . The hummer is a 2004 I’m the 2nd owner the previous owner disconnected onstar , I figure since the change to digital he no longer used it . Today I started doing some research on what’s needed to bring back my onstar , my question is, can I get a 06 module from another h2 and using a tech2 reprogram to my vin ? Do I need to replace the antenna or is the older antenna capable of getting the digital signal ?Please help me if you can .... I had seen other 04 and 05 hummers with a Active service just never asked how they did this .....

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