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  1. I just traded in my 2018 GMC Elevation for a new 2021 Elevation with a Duramax. The truck has the trailer package. I see that there are two backup camera on the tailgate. When i back up I only see one view. Do all trucks have two camera's or is there some thing wrong? Thanks
  2. They didn't say. I think we are back to the wrong address. So glad that wen the way it did.
  3. Update, The driver remember where he left the package. The local Fedex supervisor printed out a map to my house and a picture of the house. Package delivered.
  4. Real Truck has advised that Fedex has 72 hours to find the package. Then they will re-ship. I'll pay for UPS shipping at least the package will get here.
  5. Backstory, I live in a rural area and the Fedex drivers always complain when they have to deliver a package here. The last time after being on the phone with them for an hour the package was found in the woods about 15 miles from here. Over the holidays they would either lose the package or deliver it to a wrong address in a neighboring town. I ordered a Magnaflow exhaust - felt it would be a fun project before my son goes back to college. Placed the order with Real Truck and the order was sent Fedex. (oh boy). Keeping my fingers crossed I watched the shipment go across the country over the past week. Today, I received an email it was delivered. Took a look at the security cameras and no Fedex Truck anywhere. Now another package gone. Now working on getting a refund or another sent. So much for my missing 1000 dollars and the project with my son.
  6. I have a base Elevation sierra and would like to change the grill. Since the elevation has color matching trim, I would only like to change the 3 center grills to black. Does anyone know if the SLT center grill will fit the base elevation?
  7. Is there a Diamond Plate Tonneau Cover that can be removed quickly. I would like a black cover that can hide and lock the contents and fairly quickly be removed to carry bikes.
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