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  1. ok cool with that being said, im going to swap from the dl8's to tow mirrors dqs's. I will need to purchase the correct fold option mirror switch, from what I gather I will need to purchase your custom plug n play harness and as you said the additional jumper harness, correct? I was also curious about the puddle lamp diode set up as I would like to install leds into running boards for marker/trn sig and puddle lamps, will that work for the puddle lamp set up in that scenario? am missing anything or incorrect?
  2. hey Phil, I have watched a few of your vids and read the article, also did some other research. I have a 2014 Silverado same set up pretty much as yours, which currently has power adjust only mirrors. I am not sure which mirror supplier I want to go with just yet but I know I want the tow mirrors with turn/mrkr/spot light as well as pwr adj./fold/heat. is this achievable with your available harnessing? I would like to go as close to plug n play as possible. what is your suggestion as far as which supplier, available harnessing?

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