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  1. I just bought a wonderful 2010 GMC Savana 1500 AWD. I am really excited about this van but there are a couple things I want to change on it. First I want to add a tilting steering column in place of the fixed one. I looked up my van’s exact steering column and of course it has been discontinued. My van does not have Active Braking (aka Stabilitrak) and the only tilting steering column GMC makes now includes “Active Brake”. I can’t seem to find the steering column I want anywhere on eBay or at my local Pick-A-Part. I’m basically looking for part# 19168534 which is a “Steering Column w/Tilt Wheel without Active Brake”. Does anyone know if the 1500’s tilting steering column with the Active Brake can be used with vans without the Active Brake Stabilitrac system? Could I just drop in the current steering column into my 2010 even though I don’t have Stabilitrak? Or could I use a steering column from a 2500/3500 Express/Savana. Would those work with a 1500 AWD model? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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