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  1. I think I would be a buyer at up to $2500. Maybe $3000 if the interior is nice, meaning the driver's seat isn't showing the metal though the top like every other 2000ish Silverado. Power locks can easily be added for cheap, but power windows not so much.
  2. Turn the key to the on position and try to start it. When it doesn't start leave the key in and in the on position for 10 minutes. The security light should go off and then you should be able to start it.
  3. How does compression and leakdown check out?
  4. Ordered some weed barrier earlier this year that ended up being delivered to someone in Colorado. I live in Utah. After two days past delivery, FedEx figured out that the box had two labels on it. Explained to the retailer, bought on eBay, they refunded me after some coaxing. FedEx was just scanning both labels until it was delivered...really odd.
  5. I'd just grab a it from a local AutoZone or Napa or Orielly if you are getting a reman so you don't have to worry about returning a core to an online retailer. They usually have a lifetime warranty too. No need to get an oem one for this kind of part. Duralast or Ultima are good. Probably steer clear of the Valucraft on electrical parts.
  6. Double check the plugs and maybe reseat them. Possibly a loose connection?
  7. They also make a uv dye that you could use after cleaning to make the leak more apparent with a black light. It's a tiny bottle that you could pour into the oil
  8. Airlift airbags fixed my 06. But not sure that would be the best option for a 4.8l truck. Pretty sure mine was caused by the leaf springs. It had 300,000 miles on it as a work truck. Replacing the shocks didn't fix mine either.
  9. It should literally just bolt and plug right in. I used an 01 motor in my 06. I think I had to swap the oil pressure sensor. You will want a tune, but it will likely run and drive without it.
  10. Fans are fine. I would avoid gallons of ice water though.
  11. Your p0102 is a MAF code. Doesn't have anything to do with the EVAP system. The p0307 is a cylinder 7 misfire so if it's blinking on acceleration it means #7 is misfiring badly. Check the coil with a spark tester, I would probably check compression on #7 of spark checks out.
  12. Good deal. I found this article about the 4l60. http://twincharlotte.com/blog/30-common-4l60e-transmission-problems-repair-charlotte-nc/ Maybe next time it doesn't want to go in d, try and see if L2 makes it go.
  13. Hows the fluid level and smell. Does it smell burnt?
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