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  1. Shifting Issues

    Trans is toast. Typical 4L60 problem. Get it rebuilt.
  2. 285/75r16 on 2wd 2003 1500hd

    My 06 4x4 has 285/70/17s. No lift but I did crank the t-bars a turn and a half, but I've never rubbed. They are open county at's. I assume you will need to crank the t-bars a little on a 2 wheel drive
  3. Throttle lag?

    Sounds like it's hanging in second gear and not shifting into first. Just my 2 cents. Mine does that occasionally but it has 308,000 miles on it so it gets a pass lol
  4. Cataclean?

    When I worked at AutoZone, we had it on the shelf and almost never sold any...for what that's worth...
  5. Codes like that come from the O2 sensors readings. You can have the computer programmed not to show those codes, but if you in a state or county that tests emissions you are not going to pass. It might be cheaper to put it back to stock than getting a tune to not show the codes. But the tune is more fun lol.
  6. I sometimes track misfires and whatnot with an ELM327 wifi OBD2 scanner and the torque pro app on my phone. You can see live data of a lot of sensors and help narrow down the issue. 500 RPM seems a little low, I think my 06 idles around 600 or so. No aftermarket cam or anything?
  7. Guess the damage

    If it's paid for just drive it.
  8. You should be fine. I put an 01 block in my 06. Just kept all the intake and accessories and everything from the 06 except the bottom end.
  9. Should be fine. Won't hurt anything.
  10. Hmm... definitely sounds like a wiring/electrical issue. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t14492_ds509834 take a look at this post.
  11. This thread might be helpful
  12. If that is indeed what it is, a rebuild is in order. If you feel confident in removal of the Tcase, there are a few YouTube videos that show the process of the rebuild. It's not super complicated IMO. Might be worth trying to find a junkyard or used one if you aren't confident on the rebuild, and then it's just a matter of remove and replace.
  13. Sounds like the Tcase clutches are shot.
  14. What kind of sound does it make that makes you think it is engaging? Does the front driveshaft spin when engaged? This could narrow it down to an issue in the front end and not the Tcase. If the front driveshaft doesn't spin, then your issue is in the Tcase or the solenoid that shifts the Tcase. Also maybe get it on a lift or jack stands if possible to easily see if the wheels spin

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