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  1. I just bought an airlift bag set for mine. Seemed to work for me.
  2. If you couldn't make it 5 miles without the battery dying, then your alternator is not charging no matter what some AutoZone test tells you.
  3. P0101- MAF Sensor. - system can't measure how much air is coming in. P0171- too lean bank 1- not enough fuel P0174-too lean bank 2-not enough fuel Clean your MAF and reset. In a nut shell, your truck can't decide the correct amount of fuel to add because it doesn't know how much air is going in.
  4. You shouldn't have an noise with 20psi. My 06 had 300,000 miles and wouldn't get over 20psi on the highway but never made a peep until you got to a light and the pressure went to 0. As soon as the pressure came up past 10psi all the noise would stop. Might help but might not.
  5. I would suspect a pinched/broken wire in the wire loom that goes from the door to the cab.
  6. I have a really hard time justifying the depreciation that occurs on a brand new vehicle. I'd say if the used option is acceptable to you, it's probably a more fiscally responsible option. Not that I have anything against people buying new. I may have a slightly skewed opinion as I do all my own work on my vehicles and keep them going past 300,000mi. If I was not mechanically inclined, a factory warranty would probably be much more appealing.
  7. Never heard of changing them as a preventative before.
  8. +1 on the gears. My stock 01 burb with 4:10 gears tows way better then my 06 half ton with 3.42 even though the truck has a mild towing cam.
  9. Drive cycles can be very difficult to complete. Do you have a tune? This can negativity impact the ECUs ability to check certain monitors. Just grasping at straws...
  10. I think he means that the scanner is ust reading not ready, not that there is a code.
  11. My current garage is drywalled and mudded but no paint. My shed/ATV garage is not yet finished but I would like to finish it with insulation and sheathing because the nails from the board and battons all stick through and it's not very nice in the winter. Being able to hang stuff anywhere is nice enough as 7/16 osb is just as cheap as drywall anyhow.
  12. Probably because everyone with a 99 or newer wants these three cup consoles. I know I want one for my 06. They bolt right in. Sorry I'm of no help.
  13. They're not too expensive. It's called a blend door actuator. Just run down to the parts store with the old on in hand and grab one.
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