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  1. Most of my dash clicking stuff has been blend door actuators for the Heat/ac ducts but that doesn't really make sense with it changing with engine speed. Hmm.
  2. Also I would do a leak down test and not just a compression test. Compression can be good but still have oil getting past the oil rings and burning up causing smoke and fouling plugs, misfires and the works.
  3. My lawnmower doesn't seem to mind when I run out of regular and use premix.
  4. I would consider a 6.0l if you're wanting it to be a sleeper. Also A direct swap that will only need a tune.
  5. I would suspect Ujoints. I've also had separated tires cause a hum only at certain speeds off and on.
  6. I'm thinking if there was a short to ground you would be blowing fuses for sure.
  7. Probably because everyone's had broken steppers and needed replaced. Hard to find them in the yard even sometimes. I thought for sure you could get them rebuilt from a few places when I was looking a couple years ago. Edit: oops I thought you were talking about a cluster not the actual dash. My bad.
  8. That sucks for sure. Hope you can get it sorted out
  9. That sounds like quite the ordeal. Without seeing it, I would call it the body harness. How many wires were severed that a competent mechanic can't repair a few broken wires? If they can't do that, no way I would let them attempt to tear the whole dash apart and replace a body harness.
  10. Don't know about where you are but around here in Utah, there are lots of really good Transmission shops that probably have a 4l60 sitting on the shelf. Last one I had rebuilt cost me $700. It's been a few years but I can't see paying more than $1000 for a stock transmission. Both of my rebuilds lasted well over any warranty mileage. Just my thoughts. Hope you get it back on the road soon.
  11. Current commuter 2008 R56 Mini Cooper. Fits me like a glove and very fun to drive. But I've spent way too much money trying to fix the leaks that never stay fixed, and it burns oil like crazy. I am constantly fixing something. Not made for longevity. I only keep it because where else am I going to get a 35mpg go-cart with heat and A/C for a few thousand dollars to drive to work ?
  12. Love me some Roadkill. Close second is Dirt Every Day. I think the dirt every day guys represent me well as a driveway-on-my-back in the snow mechanic. They don't have every single tool known to man and they do stuff that a budget minded guy would do for cheap mods.
  13. Is the security light on by chance? Maybe your passlock is not working properly. Only need three things to start. Comptessed Air, fuel, and spark. You are missing at least one. Fuel pressure doesn't automatically mean the injectors are firing. I would start with a cheap inline spark tester. If it has spark, I would move on to a noid light to check for injector pulse. If that passes check compression.
  14. There is a guy on youtube called Harmless Farmer. Lost his arms when he was very young and it never held him back. He drives his truck, changes the flat tires, drives his combine, and semi, and also carries concealed and is a better shot than some two armed people I know lol.
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