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  1. Airlift airbags fixed my 06. But not sure that would be the best option for a 4.8l truck. Pretty sure mine was caused by the leaf springs. It had 300,000 miles on it as a work truck. Replacing the shocks didn't fix mine either.
  2. It should literally just bolt and plug right in. I used an 01 motor in my 06. I think I had to swap the oil pressure sensor. You will want a tune, but it will likely run and drive without it.
  3. Fans are fine. I would avoid gallons of ice water though.
  4. Your p0102 is a MAF code. Doesn't have anything to do with the EVAP system. The p0307 is a cylinder 7 misfire so if it's blinking on acceleration it means #7 is misfiring badly. Check the coil with a spark tester, I would probably check compression on #7 of spark checks out.
  5. Good deal. I found this article about the 4l60. http://twincharlotte.com/blog/30-common-4l60e-transmission-problems-repair-charlotte-nc/ Maybe next time it doesn't want to go in d, try and see if L2 makes it go.
  6. Hows the fluid level and smell. Does it smell burnt?
  7. Sounds like what the truck is supposed to do if the truck is not in neutral. Maybe whatever tells the t-case that the truck is in neutral and it's ok to shift into lo is not sending the signal.
  8. I've put two water pumps in my sister in-laws Toyota matrix in the last 5 years. leaking at the bearing. It is a pretty easy job to do on that car, assume the Corolla is pretty much the same, but yours is a few years newer. I think hers is an 08.
  9. Emergency brake shouldn't affect the front as the parking brake is only on the back axle. What made you want to check it?
  10. That's what I was thinking. There are much more cost effective ways to get 650hp in an 08. It's already setup to run an LS. I'd spend my $20,000+ somewhere else.
  11. ACDelco is the OEM. I would order from Amazon or GMparts direct or something like that. Never had a problem with my 02 sensors so I can't comment on quality of the aftermarket or the 5.3l not liking Bosch or denso. For plugs I would run ACdelco. I have seen a bunch of 5.7l engines not like Bosch plugs. Used to get them returned at the parts store all the time. As far as price to install, $90 a plug is ridiculous. I'd say 2 hours labor max. Plugs shouldn't be more than $10 each with the mechanics markup. If it's over $300, find another shop.
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