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  1. I took the opportunity to listen to his songs all day yesterday in rememberance. I had forgotten how great of an artist he has. He will be missed. RIP Joe. You made it "Home"
  2. They had double platinums from the factory for 04 5.3l. As long as you stay with an AC Delco plug, iridium vs double platinum isn't going to make any difference in fuel mileage.
  3. No. You don't want to be putting a v6 4l60 behind your 5.3l.
  4. That stinks. How do you know it's a 4.8l? Just curious as they are stamped 4.8/5.3. the only difference is the stroke as far as the block is concerned. Anyway, it will probably run when you get it in, but not 100%. Probably should plan on getting it tuned.
  5. My builder has told me on a couple of them to either replace the cooler (radiator and all) as there were signs of water contamination, or just use an aux cooler with a fan. I disagree with the trans fluid needing the radiator to warm up properly. The cooler you can keep that thing the better. Think of it this way, your operating temp of your truck is like 205 or something right? If your trans fluid is running though the radiator, the trans fluid can never get cooler than the fluid in the radiator, maybe like 190 or something. Something else to think about though, if it's burning up and not being contaminated, maybe there is a torque converter lockup problem. If the truck isn't locking up properly it will create a lot of extra heat that the cooler can't handle.
  6. Not a bad job to do. They come apart really easy. Change the harness while you are in there. They are known to have issues from the heat cycles as CamGTP said
  7. Stop using the integrated trans cooler in the radiator. They are known to contaminate the fluid. Also, every rebuilt 4L60 transmission I have had, 4 so far between my vehicles, has needed to have the filter changed after the first few hundred miles. The filters quickly get clogged after a rebuild but then are fine for thousands after changing filter and fluid. Just my experience. Hope you get it figured out.
  8. I had a lumina do this to me. Exactly the same. Would be fine and then spit everything out at random. Decked heads and put it back together fixed it.
  9. Go Agm and then use a tender. Shouldn't be more than $100.
  10. Sounds about right. Dex 6 is $8 a quart for good stuff and then an hour of labor plus filter and gasket kit.
  11. Does your high mount(one above the cab) still work? If so I would suspect that the brake light switch (connected to the brake pedal) or the multifunction switch (the one for the turn signals and cruise) is not working correctly. I have had both these cause the same issues you are describing.
  12. What's wrong with your current engine? Just worn out or needing more power? How many miles are on it? My work truck 4.8l has 315,000 on it and runs great. It's not a mini Cooper. 150,000 isn't high mileage for a 4.8/5.3. I would think that there is at least 8-10 shop hours just in removal and installation of the engine so guess $1000 in labor for that. Probably somewhere I the neighborhood of $700 in machine shop labor on the block, another $200 on heads. Probably 8ish hours in disassembly and reassembly of the block That's about 3k in labor before you have got any parts. My cam kit was 800 with lifters and springs. You can get a rebuilt long block 5.3l for right around 2k. If you want 5.3, get a 100,000 mile salvage engine and put it in.
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