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  1. Thanks for all the broad ideas. I searched a little further and found a video about these flex fuel motors resetting with wrong alcohol content settings. I brought it to my mechanic he said it was running as if there was 58% ethanol in my fuel. I don’t know where you gas up but my 87 contains no more than 10% ethanol. It was literally a 2 minute fix. Wasted my money changing the mass airflow, the spark plugs I’ll chalk up to preventative maintenance. I hope this helps someone searching with the same issues. After resetting my truck runs and starts like it always has.
  2. Sefiroxx. How do I narrow it down from all these possible issues? I got the new mass airflow sensor today and will install tonight.
  3. My 2011 5.3l Silverado with 58000 mi. has codes po172 and po175. It runs rough on cold starts and sometimes feels like a miss waiting at stoplights. I have tried cleaning mass airflow sensor. Today I changed spark plugs and have ordered new mass airflow sensor. Still runs rough. Any ideas? Thanks

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