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  1. Not happy with my custom exhaust on my 6.0L (help)

    I had my Super 44 welded on this morning. Perfect to me. Not too loud, but not stock. Has a nice deep rumble. You can hear a slight drone in the cab but nothing major. Especially at highway speeds it's mellow. Loud when you get on it. Mind you I kept the factory tail pipe. I love it.
  2. Not happy with my custom exhaust on my 6.0L (help)

    Louder idle and cruise will probably be the 44s or super 10 for your best bet
  3. Not happy with my custom exhaust on my 6.0L (help)

    I have watched almost all of his videos. His may sound different because he has true duals. Each manifold has its own catalytic converter and exhaust pipe back to the factory muffler. Most people like the look of duals so they have to have a separate muffler for each exhaust pipe. I am not sure how much that affects the tone or the sound, but it is something to consider. I am going with a 44 that has the dual inlet and single outlet so I can maintain my factory looking tail pipe. Another thing to consider (if you haven't already) is to watch these videos on a home entertainment system or with quality headphones. Computer and phone speakers don't emulate the deep bass tones very well. There is a video on YouTube showing how each different flowmaster sounds on a V8. Look up Flowmaster sound comparison.
  4. Hey all, new to the forum. I recently bought a new (to me) 2003 Silverado 1500HD. It rides very smooth for being a 3/4 ton chassis. I have noticed it likes to get a little bouncy when I go over a bump or hit a dip in the road. I do not want it to ride like a dump truck, but a little more stability would be nice. Leaning towards bilsteins. Thoughts and opinions?
  5. Not happy with my custom exhaust on my 6.0L (help)

    Hey member! I just joined the forum as well after using google searches and every time being directed here for a truck question. I had a flowmaster 40 original series on my 5.3 and I was not impressed either. I just ordered a Flowmaster Super 44 for my 1500HD. I watched dozens of videos on YouTube looking for the right sound. I was down to a Dynomax Super Turbo muffler and the Super 44. I have the dual in/single out factory exhaust right now and I want to keep the stock exhaust exit so I had to find a dual in/single out for both. I had a hard time finding the Dynomax in that configuration, but I did find a super 44 in that configuration. The super 44 or 40 delta flow will give a deeper bass tone over the original 40s. Check out YouTube.

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