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  1. I just bought a new Hypertech MaxEnergy 2.0 & didn't even think about used. I have a 2018 Silverado Z71 with just a few thousand miles on it. After I put the Magnaflow Exhaust on I instantly noticed the horrible sound coming out the tail pipes when V4 mode is engaged. I bought Hypertech because it can either be turned off or tuned in to be off below designated speed. I travel the highway mostly & don't notice it much when on hwy even though V4 mode does engage a good amount. My question is after reading the initial directions I am now concerned about all the things one needs to disable before attempting programming. OnStar, Bluetooth, wireless & on & on. Do you or someone on the forums have any real experience in this area especially for my 2018? Looks like there could be a fuse panel each side of the dash as well under the hood. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  2. Been reading on this topic a lot. Bought a 2018 Z71 & fuel mileage is pretty darn good compared to my 2000 Z71 I had. My problem is I just had dual exhaust (cat back) put on using a Magnaflow muffler and when it runs in V4 mode it sounds aweful. Reading the forums that is a common complaint.
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