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  1. I think I got it fixed, I readjusted the speakers. It looked liked the speaker coils were touching the metal of the door. When I moved it off, the speakers worked.
  2. They are 4ohm speakers, and never noticed any of that. It will just cut out or not output at all.
  3. A few months ago I replaced the stock speakers that came with my truck. I put in Rockford Fosgate 3-way speakers. It worked for a while, now no sound comes from the speakers. They will come in every now and then, but not often. I think it’s the head unit. What could be the issue?
  4. I accidentally left out that it is a 2wd truck. Also it is a work truck so the back sits higher that usual. For a correct level I need to lift the front 4in. Any ideas on what I should do?
  5. I own a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. Is like to level the truck, and found that a good way to do it was using strut spacers. I’m having difficulties finding spacers that fit a 2500. Would strut spacers for a 1500 work for a 2500?
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