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  1. Another update. I got a call yesterday from the dealer. They said it spun a bearing. I asked if it was a rod or main bearing and was told both. GM is replacing the engine. I may get the truck back by next Friday. Now here are my thoughts/concerns. I've owned the truck for about 12 weeks. In that time the transmission has required work. I'm still not sure of it's fixed because the engine failed about six days after I got the truck back from having the transmission worked on. The dealer told me that the fluid flush they performed worked about 90% of the time. If that didn't fix it the next step is a new torque converter. If that doesn't work then who knows what else. On top of the transmission issues, I now have a brand new truck with a replacement engine. All of this worries me. I am grateful that GM is fixing things and the dealer has been good to me. However I can't stop thinking that this truck will continue to have problems. In my eyes it's already had two if the biggest problems a new vehicle could have. My confidence in my new GMC is gone. I fear it will leave us on the side of the interstate on a Sunday with our camper in tow waiting for assistance and trying to figure out how to get the camper towed. All of this of course many many miles from home. I'd like to thank you all for your comments/suggestions/concerns. They have helped me. Daryl
  2. Small update. I called yesterday afternoon. They said that the mechanic/tech has done a little bit of work on the truck but has not gotten the engine opened up yet. Things are moving very slowly and I fear that I will have to cancel vacation. I need the truck to tow the camper.
  3. Short update on my '18 Sierra. I had it towed to my selling dealer yesterday. Cost me $200. The truck sat for three working days at the dealer GM towed it to. They didn't seem to want to help me. It's been at my dealer for less then 24 hours and they are getting it in today. Told me that they are going to open up the engine and a GM rep is gong to look at it. They also gave me a truck for a loaner.
  4. That's good to hear GM took care of you. I'm hoping tomorrow they will put me in a loaner truck. I need to get the camper and prepare for the trip to OBX. I hope its something small. I did try and start it again at the dealer. It started sounded like a bunch of metal rumbling around in an a metal box, then immediately shut it off. Tom Petty was right....the waiting is the hardest part.
  5. This is interesting. I am having a mooring cover made for our boat and that is why I was getting it out of storage.
  6. It sounded like the engine. After it quit I tried to restart in order to possibly move over out of traffic. It wouldn't run.
  7. I'm not holding off on disappointment. It is. It is very disappointing. I just stopped by the service department. They said it will be next week until they can get to it. I get that. I'm not on the schedule. They said "We can get it to do anything. Won't start. Won't budge." That actually makes me more concerned. We are scheduled to go on vacation in four weeks. Towing a camper. I must admit that I'm concerned this may happen again while on vacation. I will update this as I get information. Thank you all for your comments.
  8. I have a new 2018 Sierra CC half ton. Has the 6.2 liter engine and the 8 speed transmission. It currently has 2,300 miles. Last week I had the transmission worked on under warranty for a shuttering problem. Service was performed per GM Bulletin 18-NA-355. This was literally seven days ago. After the service the transmission seemed fine, no more shuttering. Yesterday while towing our boat (6000lbs) the truck started making a knocking, clanging, and clunking noise then it just died. Transmission temp was 183 at the time and all other gauges where in normal ranges. Today the truck is waiting for service at a different GMC dealer. I do have a loaner so that's nice. I am devastated. This truck is the nicest and most expensive vehicle I have ever owned. It is my 6th GM truck. My garage is all GM with a 2000 Pontiac T/A and a 2010 Chevy Equinox parked in it. My FIL is a GM retiree and we are very loyal GM customers. what a disappointment. Daryl
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