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  1. Yes. I will have to get one ordered and put it on myself. That’s exactly what I would like. Not to obnoxious but jus loud enough to tell that I am coming...
  2. Ok I gotcha. I don’t want it terrible loud but would mind a little more noise that pretty much nothing now ya no. The exhaust is completely stock now. I am glad to here from somebody that wants to be helpful! Thank u. I no that my big tires did not help on trying to make it faster but I like the looks of them to... It is jus a fun toy for now... lol
  3. Yes. I do live outside of Cali. I have considered that very much! I want to have a good sound yet to. I have a buddy that put Magnaflow on his and he said that it was the biggest boost of performance that he could tell compared to all the other stuff he had did. I have been trying to decide on which one to get. There r so many options out there. What would u recommend?
  4. I put 33-12.5-18 on it and put a k&n cold air intake on it right away when I bought it. Jus a couple days ago I put a edge evolution cts2 Programmer in it. And it is super fast. I love it. Do u have any ideas for me as to what I should do to it next. I am jus a young guy and I have always loved these pickups and now I have one to mess with
  5. Nice looking trucks, guys!! I jus bought one a couple weeks ago
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