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  1. I think this would be amazing! I think it’ll be great in the trucks for what it’s supposed to do, get great mileage. I’m definitely considering this in the truck when they come out so I’ve been keeping my eye on fuel prices and down here in south OK/North TX gas is $0.80-$1.00 cheaper per gallon than diesel. So that great fuel economy is a wash for me at the moment. It’d mainly be for cool/fun factor. I will continue to check fuel prices and look forward to some actual numbers from GM and the EPA. We should know soon enough
  2. If you check grain prices you’d think groceries would be down. Unfortunately it’s not the person taking the risk of crops in the field that profit heavily
  3. The wife liking it helps for sure. I’ve always been a GM guy but currently have a 2016 Ram. It has been great so far. The wife’s Malibu is great when it was the two of us but with a baby and long road trips we will prolly also be looking at getting a 3 row SUV. I’m hoping Beginning of next year I’ll get a bonus on my GM Buypower card to use. (Got $3,000 bonus in 2017). I think I’ll go with a Sierra SLT not sure for the wife. Now just to figure out what engine I want to go with for the truck. Prolly should just stick with 5.3 however wish it had the 10 speed. But possibly baby Duramax or 6.2 if I can figure out how to justify it...lol
  4. Yeah there inventory is a little anemic with only 3 2019s. thanks though
  5. Yes I know that. I was just making a comparison that Laura's prices are cheaper for an SLT than what I have seen for an LT let alone an LTZ. The right dealer is what I was looking for that had comparable discounts to what Laura does for Silverados. Also very valid point on getting what the wife wants haha
  6. Hello everyone! New member, but been reading for a long time. I've been looking around at the 2019s and I really dig them. I prefer the looks of the Silverado and wife prefers the Sierra. We do a lot of driving and have a baby on the way so looking for crew cab 4x4. I am from West Central IL so I'm familiar with Laura and they always seem to have the cheapest prices by far. I currently live in the North Texas area and don't mind traveling for a deal. My big question is there a Chevy version of Laura? From looking around it appears I could get a better equipped SLT than I can an LT. Thanks for the help and appreciate the site as it is a lot of help and a good read. Also debating waiting for the 3.0 Duramax, depending on when they have some actual numbers out to compare the costs with the increased fuel prices.
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