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  1. So if I’m understanding this properly, I should be able to add a passenger powered seat with relative ease assuming that my truck has the power and ground under the seat? I’m not too worried about the drivers seat as it’s fine the way it is, I don’t need the memory functionality or heated/cooled. Assuming I can find a power passenger seat that matches my interior cloth and color scheme and my truck has the power then I’m golden? Thank you for your help with this!
  2. Hello, I purchased a new 2018 Silverado LT Texas edition a few days ago. It has the 10 way power driver seat and i’m wanting to know if it’d be possible to convert the manual passenger seat to electric as well? I have a wife who is 5 foot and she can’t see over the dash very well and it makes her car sick, if we had the 10 way on the passenger seat she could raise it up and be fine. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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