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  1. You're correct - I typed that wrong. 295/60/20s
  2. What's your setup? I'm running a 3.5" Superlift lift kit (spacers, diff drop and UCAs) and have scrubbing with a 1/4" wheel spacer and 295/60/20s Toyo ATs on stock rims. Those tires measure out to 34 x 11.6. I'm curious to know what's different about your setup. Thanks!
  3. Are you keeping stock rims? I just put the 3.5" Superlift kit on my 2018 and put 295/60/20 (34 x 11.6) Toyo AT2s on it with stock rims. Kit is UCA and spacer along with differential drop. The tires scrub the upper control arm at full lock. I'm going to try a 1/4" spacer to see if it helps. Tires would fit with no issue if I didn't want to keep stock rims. My 2016 had a 2.25 level with 275/65/20 (34 x 10.8) and it cleared fine but I had to tie back and trim the fender liner just a little in front. I wouldn't want to go to a 35" tire, especially on the stock rims. With a different offset I don't see it being an issue other than maybe trimming the liner and rear mudflap a little. Ignore the fact that the truck is dirty
  4. I just traded my 2016 SLT Premium Plus for a 2018 SLT Premium Plus on Saturday. Bought it at Howard Bentley, about 70 miles from Birmingham, AL. Same link as above. Paid $40,900 for a truck that stickered at $57k. Only real stipulation was that I had to finance through GM and rates are high. The best rate offered was 7.43 for excellent credit. The terms state that you can't refi for four months, after that I'll get a better loan.

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