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  1. Thanks. I just ordered Precision LCAs. Figured do it once the right way and shouldn’t have any problems in the future. Next are cognito uppers
  2. Thanks man. I looked on the cognito website and didn’t see any lower control arms listed. And all the shops I’ve spoken with say it’s either OEM or parts shop for a ‘14-‘18 GMC 1500
  3. Update: I have come to the understanding that I do need an entire LCA. That being said, the shop really won’t tell me the brand they use and are charging me about $500 including labor per side. Basically, it sounds like I have two options. OEM LCA or Oriellys brands LCA unless I’m missing something.
  4. Hey guys, first time poster, long time viewer. I have a 2014 1500 5.3 and just had installed 8” BDS with fox shocks. Running 22x12 axe compression forged. Truck rides great. Anyways, it’s been two days and I’m hearing a rubbing, grinding sound when turning and sometimes braking. Took it back to the shop (extreme off-road in Katy, TX) and they said it’s my driver side lower control arm bushing. They claim they do not sell the bushings separate and I need a new control arm and might as well get both sides done. I’m in shock that nobody sells bushings for this. Are they trying to scam me? I come from the car/racing world so this is all new to me. Thanks
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