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  1. Rob, I can't agree more, very eloquent way you put it, and informative as well......as the Corvette is the 'flag ship' for Chevrolet, so to speak, I agree, that they may have shot themselves in the foot with this...... there is a 'tradition' to uphold, regardless of marketing etc.... I still LOVE my C 4 and C5...... one thing I do know, I will NEVER be able to order and purchase a NEW Corvette from a dealership, the cost for the average working ( retired) guy will be more than prohibitive here in Canada with all our taxes and dollar exchange.....I was lucky enough to get that once in a life time experience back in '93 when I ordered my LT1 Coupe, and for me at least, it was and will be 'Once in a life time'...... for me I can't get my head around the new C8 idea and we have all seen the 'secret' photos......... from what I have seen , it isn't a Corvette any longer............................ I'm kind of sad over that......
  2. my real problem is how much these things cost......... I only want one copy, didn't really ant to buy the whole factory ! LOL Car payments are like a root canal...... nutty stuff we do eh? LOL
  3. Yeah, mine is another company as well, the sales manager said the GMPP lacks a few of the finer details and the price was actually a touch cheaper going the way I did and yes, mine is called a 'Total Wrap' or something similar..... and like you, and as diery2 says , it is a personal decision, and like you, I'm ok with my decision....
  4. I agree, it is a lot of extra money, but as some of the guys have mentioned, all it takes is ONE thing to go sour and you've made a good choice, and yeah, there is so much electronics and computer stuff, which is way beyond the average bear to even try to figure out, in my mind, it is a safe option, and I bet there are more of us guys who DO purchase extra warranty than those who don't for the very reasons you mention....... after all , these trucks and cars are only made by humans, and we all know how good they are................ right? In my case, I may never need to use it, BUT if I do, then I know it's there.....
  5. 140, 000 but you can go higher mileage if you like, 180,000 I think.....of course the more mileage and longer term the more bucks........... I figured this was pretty average for what we plan to do.... I had my TrailBlazer for 10 years and got just barely 140,000................ o that is how I came to this number.... when I got my '08 Trail Blazer they told me the extra warranty is a good thing as they had done a power seat repair, and at that time is was a 5000.00 bill..... mine had power seats..... all it takes is one thing..... and I'm not much of a gambler so I opted for extra warranty.......just in case....
  6. wasn't cheap, but covers nearly everything bumper to bumper , just shy of 3200 but for 8 years..... I feel better with it, and yeah, may never use it, but all insurance is like that, damned if you do and damned if you don't.... it's peace of mind for me..... invested WAY too much in this new truck, to have to pay for a failure, and if no failures, well, then I guess it is the gamble I took..... I am happy with the bumper to bumper coverage, just the regular maintenance stuff not covered..... if one big thing goes down, it will be more than worth it, in my eyes.....
  7. I bought a new 2019 Tahoe, AND kept the Corvettes....... as in Airdrie, here in southern BC, we have the same weather concerns, But I couldn't part with my summer fun cars....... we are looking forward to our first road trip soon, to Nanton.....so far just doodling around here, nothing long yet...... your ride is gorgeous....
  8. Sinister looking ride Robert, and I LOVE it that she sits on carpet, nothing too good for our Chevy's !!
  9. Hey Mike, I JUST bought a 2019 Tahoe Premier, and my sales guy said that an extended plan from the Wheaton Group ( Wheaton Chevrolet ) is a better plan than the GMPP, better price and more covered....same delectable though 100 and 200 and that's CDN $$ too..... so I went for that....I'm good till 2026 ' Ultimate Wrap ' which is bumper to bumper excluding regular maintenance stuff..... I'm happy with what I got....
  10. Personally I don't think it looks like a fire truck, but some guys have mentioned that... maybe in jest.....in the sun it just pops......do we look like 'proud parents'?? LOL!! It is an incredible piece of kit, I'm still learning about it, and I must say, the Borla pipes sound just perfect...... I'm lovin this rig....
  11. Black perforated leather.... the Mrs, wasn't keen on the brown and the other colors really didn't do the truck full justice...she's mine now !
  12. Thanks, if it looks like a 'Fire truck' I hope it looks like the SUPERVISOR'S truck LOL!!! It is a color that I don't think I will get tired of, and yes I like the blue as well.......Pepperdust is also an easy one to do.....and yeah the neutral/bland colors are all the rage these days it seems, the sales manager told me he has never sold a red one, ever, and the main ones folks buy are the black and white ones........I love black, had a black IROC Camaro, couldn't keep it clean, not good for a daily driver in the crappy weather, so that was out....and I already had a white one, so that was a second choice, and I like this red, so that was the first choice.... lol..... I think I'm going to really like it, going to be a bit of getting used to, to go back to full size, but I'm up to the task.....
  13. THANKS guys......I really appreciate the comments, I am thinking this siren red is a rather rare beast, certainly for the dealerships for 'stock', not one on any lot anywhere in western Canada, that I could find.....she should look ok in the sun ............ and hopefully not too much like a fire truck !
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