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  1. It's here, well sort of...

    Thanks, if it looks like a 'Fire truck' I hope it looks like the SUPERVISOR'S truck LOL!!! It is a color that I don't think I will get tired of, and yes I like the blue as well.......Pepperdust is also an easy one to do.....and yeah the neutral/bland colors are all the rage these days it seems, the sales manager told me he has never sold a red one, ever, and the main ones folks buy are the black and white ones........I love black, had a black IROC Camaro, couldn't keep it clean, not good for a daily driver in the crappy weather, so that was out....and I already had a white one, so that was a second choice, and I like this red, so that was the first choice.... lol..... I think I'm going to really like it, going to be a bit of getting used to, to go back to full size, but I'm up to the task.....
  2. It's here, well sort of...

    THANKS guys......I really appreciate the comments, I am thinking this siren red is a rather rare beast, certainly for the dealerships for 'stock', not one on any lot anywhere in western Canada, that I could find.....she should look ok in the sun ............ and hopefully not too much like a fire truck !
  3. My NEW ride is at the dealership, wow what a beauty, and the FIRST red one I have ever seen, I special ordered it, placed the order back in December, and it got here the other day..... be a few days before I can pick her up, as they are doing the pdi stuff, and adding a couple extras, and that's ok, as the roads are still filthy and so is the weather..... probably going to be my last BIg purchase, so I want her right and to last..... as you can see . she still needs a bath and some detailing, but she is mine !
  4. Maybe, but there still has to be room for tradition......as long as not ALL of them are............. I'm wondering what the price point will be, they are now nearly all over 100 grand here in Canada... BUT if they do go to full on mid engine, that's ok I guess, I have a couple I am very happy with , and I'm not sure I will ever be able to buy another new one in my lifetime..... so if they do it, I hope it is very successful, and not riddled with a bunch of unforeseen issues..... we live in exciting times for sure......
  5. You and I are on the same page....... they can do a mid engined car, that fine, but please keep the rest of them as is...... I think it will be the demise of the Corvette if they just go to a total mid engine, some of us old guys like the car as it was originally designed... American Icon....
  6. NO, I am not a fan of mid engine, I have 2 Corvettes, and I think the C-7 looks way too European, Corvette is an AMERICAN Icon, it can compete with the European cars, performance wise etc, but it doesn't have to LOOK like a European car, it is a North American tradition...................... and before everyone rips me a new one, I understand all the tech behind the design and why they are doing it, but we are losing our identity............... I will keep my front engine Corvette, and be happy to hold the tradition, I'm just an old fuddy duddy when it comes to not messing with what has been a good thing...... and geez, who would be able to afford to buy one.... just a 'regular' Corvette is over 100 grand here in Canada...... so with that little rant, I hope Chevrolet is successful with their design changes for the C 8 and power choice/ designs....... I'm a solid Corvette guy....
  7. No Kidding.................... Thanks Steve, I am getting excited for sure....
  8. Yeah, Steve, I struggle with that, and we have LOTS of oil here in Canada, but we get gouged beyond belief, due to our silly tax system. I wish we were like Alaska, and get a 'dividend' for our oil, but we export a lot of it and it has to be refined in other places ( USA) and sent back and we PAY........ I kind of don't get that logic.....and they didn't ask me anyway..... BUT I am still looking forward to my new big truck, and I guess it will be 'the cost of doing business' as they say......I still have another 6 weeks or so to wait..... I'm like a little kid...
  9. I just had my new '19 Tahoe build this past Monday, 5.3 & 3.42 gears, and I 'cringe' at the pumps just due to the fact I know I'm getting screwed by our illustrious Government taxes, our regular fuel here in British Columbia is over $5.00/ a US gallon and Premium is $7.00, but as a good Canadian I take the butt kicking, because I really want this truck, and I did work hard to have it, so a $90.00 fill up is a great deal from where I sit.... PREMIUM Fuel for $ 2.90 a gallon................ where can I find THAT deal, sign me up !!!
  10. HA! Never thought of that, maybe I should snag a light bar and that will help me get to the front of the line!! LOL!!! They tell me that I 'should' get it late March.....
  11. My new '19 Tahoe is going to be Siren Red with the black leather interior, the Mrs, didn't want the mahogany.... the sales manger said this will be the first red one he has sold, most go for black or white.....it has yet to be built, Feb 4 is the date, so when I get her I will pop a pic on....nothing special other than she will be mine...
  12. LS/SLE Trims?

    SP, I'm glad to hear you like all the goodies, and yes , it is more of a life style thing..... I totally understand the practical side of things, but why not pamper yourself a little now and again, life is short not to have the best.... I am REALLY looking forward to my new Tahoe, it is really quite pricey, and a LOT of that is tax, which is frustrating, but I guess it is the cost of doing business..... I love these trucks, I just wish GM would allow us Canadians to join the Chevy Truck Legends, but apparently we can't, although they have no problem taking our money... a little unfair, I think.....I still can't wait for my new truck
  13. LS/SLE Trims?

    Actually, it would be really cool if we could spec out a new unit AS WE WANT, with packages 'available', but with the option to add or delete each option in each package rather than be stuck wanting parts of a package and having to take it all like it or not..... that would be cool, but I would suspect it may take longer to build....etc.... just a random thought...
  14. I think the RST is pretty much loaded up, I just ordered a 2019 Tahoe Premier, with everything except the big Infotainment thing with the DVD player in the back , didn't do that, and opted out of the Sunroof RPO, due to the fact I have the sun roof in my Trailblazer and have never used it... if I want to go topless I go out in the Corvette.....I did get the Borla exhaust, and the cold air system, and went for the 20 inch rubber after reading what everyone here was saying...and everything else that is available... how long is it going to take for your buddy's truck to get here?? Mine is a 12 week build, should be here late March they tell me....
  15. LS/SLE Trims?

    Well, in MY case I ordered the top drawer unit with ALL the bells and whistles.................... just because I thought , well I'm only going to be here once, and I did work hard for what I have and why not treat myself to the good life, yeah it's expensive, but what did I work all those years for and what am I saving the money for.....and like you Steve, I can turn off what I don't like.... for me it was more of a want than a need........ just me though, and it is good GM makes different trim packages, makes a wider audience ................... just my thoughts... Jeff

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