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  1. LS/SLE Trims?

    SP, I'm glad to hear you like all the goodies, and yes , it is more of a life style thing..... I totally understand the practical side of things, but why not pamper yourself a little now and again, life is short not to have the best.... I am REALLY looking forward to my new Tahoe, it is really quite pricey, and a LOT of that is tax, which is frustrating, but I guess it is the cost of doing business..... I love these trucks, I just wish GM would allow us Canadians to join the Chevy Truck Legends, but apparently we can't, although they have no problem taking our money... a little unfair, I think.....I still can't wait for my new truck
  2. LS/SLE Trims?

    Actually, it would be really cool if we could spec out a new unit AS WE WANT, with packages 'available', but with the option to add or delete each option in each package rather than be stuck wanting parts of a package and having to take it all like it or not..... that would be cool, but I would suspect it may take longer to build....etc.... just a random thought...
  3. I think the RST is pretty much loaded up, I just ordered a 2019 Tahoe Premier, with everything except the big Infotainment thing with the DVD player in the back , didn't do that, and opted out of the Sunroof RPO, due to the fact I have the sun roof in my Trailblazer and have never used it... if I want to go topless I go out in the Corvette.....I did get the Borla exhaust, and the cold air system, and went for the 20 inch rubber after reading what everyone here was saying...and everything else that is available... how long is it going to take for your buddy's truck to get here?? Mine is a 12 week build, should be here late March they tell me....
  4. LS/SLE Trims?

    Well, in MY case I ordered the top drawer unit with ALL the bells and whistles.................... just because I thought , well I'm only going to be here once, and I did work hard for what I have and why not treat myself to the good life, yeah it's expensive, but what did I work all those years for and what am I saving the money for.....and like you Steve, I can turn off what I don't like.... for me it was more of a want than a need........ just me though, and it is good GM makes different trim packages, makes a wider audience ................... just my thoughts... Jeff
  5. Have a Cora set on my Corvette, east peasy to install and the sound is great...... ordering the Borla stuff on my '19 Tahoe..... love the look of your Burb... gorgeous, yes send a sound clip ! Jeff
  6. Hello from Illinois

    Oh I hear you there, I have a buddy who is selling an '03 Z06 with under 2000 miles right now...... I'd love to have it, but I have no room for it....
  7. Hello from Illinois

    ALRIGHT< another Corvette 'guy' I have 2 '93 full load LT1 6spd coupe the LAST color 75U with 44,000 miles, and an '03 50th Anniversary Roadster.....along with my TrailBlazer wife's Torrent and son to be my NEW Tahoe
  8. Guess it's my turn now

    Thanks, yeah we have the longest free ferry ride in the world here, on the Kootenay Lake and we do the same thing, spend or have spent a LOT of time in Alberta, love it !
  9. Guess it's my turn now

    Thanks Donstar..... I want to keep her as comfortable as possible, the silly dog has sure crawled into my heart that's for sure, as I type with a few tears here.... thanks for you kind thoughts... it helps for sure.....
  10. Guess it's my turn now

    Thanks again you guys... this really does look like a great place to hang out...... it's going to be a fun day today, makes up for yesterday, when I found out my little Beagle has cancer and isn't much longer to be with us, maybe a NEW Tahoe, will take that sting away a little..... Jeff

    LOL !!!!
  12. Hello from Falcon Colorado

    wow that truck is gorgeous.............. how do you like the Borla pipes? I'm going in today to order my 19 Tahoe Premier and have ordered the Borla cat back pipes, got to sound cool.... at the very least....I'm also going to add red brake caliper covers, they look REALLY cool....I guess if you're gonna sound cool, you should look cool too eh?? Jeff
  13. New Purchase

    I had new 1980 Scottsdale short box 350 4 spd, best ride ever, had it for 13 years and over 300,000 (kms) just had to replace a soft cam....... great truck..... looking forward to watching you get this one whipped into shape for sure.... Jeff
  14. Guess it's my turn now

    Hey Josh, that would be COOL !! I'l do that, actually going over to the dealer today to drop $1000.00 in good faith and get the process going.....he says 8 to 12 weeks, so that will work perfectly for end of winter and hopefully clear roads for a few months...... so today is the start of another awesome NEW Chevrolet experience
  15. Guess it's my turn now

    Hey thanks you guys, this looks like a warm welcoming place... yeah my first Chevrolet experience was really positive, even if the Dealership at the time wasn't, I love the product, and am probably more loyal than I should be, or than the average bear, but I know what I like and it has been a great ride, so far, so why change ( in my mind anyway). I will try not to be a pain in the a$$ to anyone here, but might , from time to time have the odd question or two, and may chime in once or twice...... I'm glad this forum is here, .....lots of knowledge available........ Jeff

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